Stop overthinking

Step into the most authentic version of yourself, take on new challenges, be your own CEO.

Stop overthinking

Step into the most confident version of yourself, take on new challenges, become your own CEO

How would it feel to be THE CEO OF your own life?

I coach you to shed the self-sabotage and the perfectionist mindset that keeps you from reaching happiness and confidence in all areas of your life while being authentic.

This process is not about becoming anyone. No more striving to be the best version or your best self. Rather, this is an invitation to be more of who you authentically are. This is the process of coming home to you without guilt, worry of judgement or anything in between.

If you are ready to shed layers of worry, over-thinking, people-pleasing and insecurity, you are in the right place and I want to be your coach.



Every week you can get free coaching through my podcast, Journey to happy. You can also get weekly mindset tools through my weekly newsletter.

Work with me

We can work together through group coaching. Reset your Mindset or Becoming the CEO of your own life.


Speaking Engagements

Olga is a professional speaker who provides motivational and inspiring story-telling talks, professional training, and custom-made presentations and retreats locally and internationally.

I am committed to helping women just like you stop over-thinking, find their purpose, and live a fulfilled and happy life.

I am committed to helping women just like you stop over-thinking, find their purpose, and live a fulfilled and happy life.


Happiness Starts Right Here

You’ve tried the self-help books, the podcasts, the therapists and you are still feeling overwhelmed by your thinking.

You overthink, over-do, over-give and over extend yourself.

You have a hard time saying no, and you certainly would hate to admit it but at the core of all this is your insane need to please others.

You know you’ve put yourself last  in that list of important for a long time and you are tired of it.

I know you. I am you. I want to coach you out if OVER anything and get you feeling super comfy just being. Being you, being calm, being enough.

If you are ready to reset your mindset, let’s connect.



“…within minutes of her guiding a meditation for me, I felt my body and mind relaxing. Two sessions later, I was already feeling incredibly better.”

– Nancy


“In one session with Olga I resolved a blockage I had for 10 years and no therapy ever did that for me”

– Martine


“Working with Olga has changed my life. She has guided me through difficult moments when I thought change was impossible. Through her coaching she has helped me set attainable goals, find strategies and practices to believe in myself again. She is extremely committed to our time together and makes a positive difference in my life. If you are looking at hiring a life/mindset coach, I 100% recommend hiring Olga.”



“Olga helped me deal with some mental and emotional issues I had after leaving my marriage. It took some time, but our regular meetings made me be the better person I am today. Olga introduced me to mindfulness and meditation. Working with Olga I learned to let go of the past, I faced my fears and I have learned to value myself and to recognize that I am worthy. Working with Olga helped me reclaim my own personal power.”



“I want to say Olga has changed my life but I feel that would be the opposite of what she has been coaching me over the past year and a half. Instead, Olga has helped ME change MY LIFE, for the better. She has made me understand how much power I have to make changes, to grow, to fail but then to try again and again. I wouldn’t say my life’s journey has been smooth, but it has been a journey and my journey alone. Olga has taught me the importance of self-love and what my priorities in life are. I feel confident in saying that Olgas is such an important person in my life and this journey would not have been possible without her help.”


Resident #HappinessDealer

Olga is a professional international speaker and professional trainer.

Are you ready to live the life you were meant to live?

You’re in the right place!
I can put you on a path to long-term inner peace.