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Olga connects people with tools to overcome anxiety & stress, to build resiliency and to become the best versions of themselves. She is a happiness dealer.

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Welcome, and Namaste.

Within YOU are powerful tools that can help you overcome any difficult situation you may face, no matter how overwhelming. Through counselling, coaching, yoga and meditation, I can help you discover those tools and put you on a path to long-term inner peace.


Olga's Classes

Olga offers a wide variety of classes for all levels of stress and skill levels. From drop-in yoga to multiple week programs, Olga has the right path for you.

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Olga's Workshops

Olga regularly offers workshops that are both educational and enlightening. They can range from guided meditations, to professional training, to day-long yoga workshops, and more.

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Olga's Retreats

Re-treat—it's a combination of treats and repetition, and at Olga's Way we love treats! Want to have fun and relax your mind and body in innovative ways while cultivating spiritual and physical growth, this may be the path for you.

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Public Speaking

Olga has experience speaking to a range of audiences from children to adults. She's spoken to crowds at Ottawa University, Carleton, and more. From company retreats to corporate events, Olga educates and inspires.

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Coaching & Counselling

Discovering and resolve the root issues that result in emotional disease, suffering, relationship issues & self-sabotage to improve your life now.

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Podcast & Blog

My Mindful Morning Routine

My Mindful Morning Routine

My Mindful Morning Routine It was the lack of awareness and calmness in my mornings that really used to bother me during my years working in t...
20 Ways to calm the anxious mind

20 Ways to calm the anxious mind


I have compiled 20 techniques I often use for myself and with my clients. I have seen these techniques work their magic. I hope they do so with you as well. If you do try any of them, please write and let me know what you thought.


5 Tips to stop overthinking

5 Tips to stop overthinking

Overthinking is a natural response to being exhausted mentally and physically. It is a side effect of stress and over-stimulation. Thankfully, there are many solutions to stop overthinking and I intend to share 5 strategies with you in here.


After completing the 8 week Take The Steps to Reduce Stress class, I felt very calm. I was also able to stop anticipating the future and stay in the present. I feel that I can now just go with the flow.


After taking the Journey to Happy program I loved myself in a way I never had before. I stared making better choices, meditating and doing things from a place of kindness and not fear! I thinks everyone should take this class!


…within minutes of her guiding a meditation for me, I felt my body and mind relaxing. Two sessions later, I was already feeling incredibly better.


I used to be afraid of my own shadow. I could not make decisions, go to public places and function without a ton of worry in my mind. Anxiety and stress were really taking over my life. Within 3 months of working with Olga, I went back to work, traveled overseas and started my small business.