Are you an overthinker or an overachiever teetering on the brink of burnout, searching for that elusive life/work balance?

You’re in the right place.

As a coach, I specialize in guiding individuals like you through the maze of your own expectations and pressures. Utilizing a blend of mindfulness, therapeutic approaches, and strategic coaching techniques, I offer private coaching sessions designed to get to than balance while ensuring you don’t lose yourself in the process.

My approach is tailored to the unique needs of working moms, professionals, and anyone in between who feels overwhelmed by their own success.

Whether you’re struggling to find balance, manage anxiety, or set healthy boundaries, I’m here to help you navigate these challenges with confidence and ease.  

Do you ever feel like your days are an endless juggle, constantly racing to fit everything into your busy schedule?

Well, life is always bustling, but what if I told you that you can not only survive it but truly enjoy every moment?

If you’re tired of waiting for things to get easier and eager to savour each season of working, parenting, relationships, etc… LET ME GUIDE YOU TO A BALANCED LIFE.

As your dedicated Coach, I’m here to help you embrace the chaos with a smile, find balance in the hustle and bustle, and discover the joy in every day.

Ready to experience a life where you’re not just surviving but thriving? Join me on this journey!

You wake up every morning with a deep sense that there is more to this life than what you are currently experiencing.

The truth is that while we are busy looking for others to give us answers, we forget to stop and listen to what our internal voice is saying.

What if…?

✔ There was a way to find yourself, your confidence, and your purpose so that could finally live life to your full potential without doubts and anxieties.

✔ You wake up every morning with a strong sense of who you are and what you were meant to do aside from motherhood.

✔ Instead of anxious, restless nights, you enjoyed peaceful, restorative sleep.

✔ Instead of striving to be perfect, you could live in deep happiness with a true sense of being enough.

✔ You didn’t have a super long to-do list, but could instead, enjoy the process of living it out.


Well you can. That’s what Coaching together is all about.

Private coaching is an opportunity to align your actions and thoughts with your feelings.


here’s what you get when you work with me:



✔Learn to be fully present and in control of all your emotions.

✔Rediscover your love for your own life.

✔Create efficient routines & systems for home and work management.

✔Achieve balance in personal responsibilities and nurture your relationships.

✔Harness your energy cycles for alignment and productivity.

✔Make confident decisions, eliminating overthinking.

✔Become patient and present.

✔Rekindle hobbies and interests.

✔Prioritize your health.

✔Embrace rest for optimal well-being.

I am not going to load you up with more to-do’s. Your life is already full of those.



Instead, we are going to help you simplify what you’ve got going on, and think in a way that builds productivity, creates major impact, and leads to happiness.

You already have all the answers and — I’m here to remind you and tell it like it is. I don’t sugarcoat anything.


Coaching Sessions: You can pick from two packages: 8, 12 or, 24 sessions. 

Session Recordings: Never miss a moment of insight. You’ll receive recordings of our sessions to revisit and reinforce your progress.

Supplementary Materials: You’ll have access to valuable materials that complement our discussions, providing practical tools and resources to work through challenges effectively

Ongoing Support: I’m here for you between sessions. You’ll receive continuous support to keep you on track and motivated throughout your coaching journey.

Workshop Discounts: As a program participant, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts on other workshops and offerings, giving you even more opportunities for personal growth and development.

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Olga Lacroix  

Besides being a mom, wife and a business owner, 

I’m a former therapist- registered social worker, a certified mindset, leadership and excecutive coach, a yoga instructor, Reiki Master, and a mindfulness teacher.

I’m committed to helping YOU rewire your thinking, feel more authentic, and live a live fully confident and in balance.

I’m no stranger to a stressful life and mindset errors.  This is why I’m so committed to helping someone like you learn how to deal with your stress, mindset and confidence in a healthy way.

Together, I’ll help you set goals, clear the clutter in your mind, slay the doubt dragons, and manage anxiety and stress — so you can be the very best version of yourself.

coaching is transformational

So the questions you have to ask yourself is….


Are you holding yourself back from the success and fulfillment you deserve?

Is that inner critic preventing you from achieving your dreams?

Are you ready to shift your mindset to align with your goals rather than your fears?

I assure you, if you choose to invest in yourself and commit to the journey, your life will undergo a profound transformation.

 I’m here to support you. Let’s make it happen together.


   Coaching is designed to help you pull apart your current thinking, rewire your brain, take inspired action, live out your purpose, and find your happiness. 

Choose your package 

 Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Click here to book a 15-minute totally free consultation call.

Step 2: During our call, I’ll listen to you, ask you powerful questions, and then, we’ll decide if working together is a great fit for you.

Step 3: We’ll agree on a start date, and begin your aligned journey.


The impact this program will have on your life is something that truly can’t be measured. Here’s what happy clients have to say:

“Working with Olga has changed my life. She has guided me through difficult moments when I thought change was impossible. Through her coaching she has helped me set attainable goals, find strategies and practices to believe in myself again. She is extremely committed to our time together and makes a positive difference in my life. If you are looking at hiring a life/mindset coach, I 100% recommend hiring Olga.”


“I want to say Olga has changed my life but I feel that would be the opposite of what she has been coaching me over the past year and a half. Instead, Olga has helped ME change MY LIFE, for the better. She has made me understand how much power I have to make changes, to grow, to fail but then to try again and again. I wouldn’t say my life’s journey has been smooth, but it has been a journey and my journey alone. Olga has taught me the importance of self-love and what my priorities in life are. I feel confident in saying that Olgas is such an important person in my life and this journey would not have been possible without her help.”


“Olga helped me deal with some mental and emotional issues I had after leaving my marriage. It took some time, but our regular meetings made me be the better person I am today. Olga introduced me to mindfulness and meditation. Working with Olga I learned to let go of the past, I faced my fears and I have learned to value myself and to recognize that I am worthy. Working with Olga helped me reclaim my own personal power.”


“…within minutes of her guiding a meditation for me, I felt my body and mind relaxing. Two sessions later, I was already feeling incredibly better.”


“In one session with Olga I resolved a blockage I had for 10 years and no therapy ever did that for me”