One word is all you need to create a positive impact this 2022…

Why do I choose one word? the importance of having a word, grounds you. It guides you through your goals and aspirations, it becomes your inspiration to keep moving forward.

In this episode, we’re going to talk about finding that one word that defines how you want to feel in your life in 2022. I want to break it down to you and hopefully inspire you to make your goals clearer with just one word this 2022.

How Do You Choose A Word?

Choose a word that you can use in all aspects of your life. A word that can really push you to meet your goals. Because once you do that for a full year, you’ve got the ability to use it at any given point. Last year, for example, I chose the word focus. I worked in focus, because I can so easily be distracted with so many things. And I really wanted to focus. I was specifically thinking about my business, but if I thought about focusing on motherhood, or my marriage, that worked for me as well. Carefully choose the word that can bring change or impact in all the areas of your life.

My One Word For 2022 – Dedication

My one word last year was focus, this year I’ve chosen the word dedication. I feel that the difference between focus and dedication is the ability of having more time. I want to dedicate myself to my marriage, to my child, to my overall health, and the women I’m helping. I want to dedicate myself to all things that matter to me. And whatever I get to do this year, I want it to be 100% all in.

Reflect On What’s Important

Finding one word is a great exercise, because it allows you to reflect on what really matters and what you really want this year, which is an exercise on its own. A way to practice self – growth. One of the biggest mistakes I see on clients before is they say they don’t have what they want, but they have zero clarity on what exactly they want. Yes they do have an idea, but their ideas are too general to really define what they want.

This exercise is great because it really makes you focus down on what it is that you really want to focus on this year. What is the one word out of all the millions of words out there that can really symbolize what you want to express about yourself this year, that can make you grow as a person.

How To Find Your ‘One Word’

The first thing you have to do is get clear on that. Journal about it, know what you struggled with last year. That can give you an idea on what you might want to work on.

Or maybe you know you’re good at something and you want to master that this year. What is the word? What is the attitude?  It’s less about the word and more about the attitude that would allow you to get to the results that you want. 

Once you find the word that resonates with you, write it down. Then ask yourself – Who do I need to be? When I’m working? When I’m at home, when not with my husband or partner? When I’m with my children? Who do I need to be, to build on this attitude. And that will guide you.

So getting to that clarity, or who you need to be in alignment with the word you’ve chosen, really guides your process through the year in an easy way. It reminds you of what’s important, and your reason behind everything that you’re doing. Also, this one word not only gives you clarity on what you want, it also gets your self-awareness work. It gives purpose to everything you do throughout the year.

And so I urge you to get working on your ‘one word’ now. Let it guide you to achieving your goals this 2022. Work on it, make it happen, and be a better version of yourself.

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