Your mind is used to thinking about the future because you have conditioned it to that behavior.  At some point in your life, you thought and believed that worrying about the future was positive because it would allow you to be ready and prepared for future problems. 


You are not alone with that thought and belief. In fact, research conducted in Canada by psychologists in BC suggested that the majority of people have that wrong perception about worry, which is why we keep worrying about things. We ultimately believe that is has benefits.


Psychologists also called that belief a “maladaptive behavior”, meaning that no amount of worry can actually serve us well, as the idea that worry actually can prepare us for the future is only an illusion.


As we enter a new week, I want to give you some helpful tools to help you lower your mental habit of worrying about what might happen. Pssst… we will call this the mindful activity of the week.


Mindfulness is known for its wonderful benefits of helping people reduce their stress by centering them in the present moment. So, how can this relate to worrying about the future?


Simply put, you need to break the habit of future thinking that creates stress in the present. Each time you imagine problems of the future, your mind leaves the present moment (where all is well) and jumps to feeling the stress of the problem you are imagining. Because the problem isn’t here, you can’t solve it. But what does arrive to your present, is the stress you would feel if that problem was a reality. 


Get the cycle here?


All is well, (thought about what might happen enters the mind), the mind attaches to the thoughts, can’t problem yet, but the body generates all the stress signals as though the problem was happening. 


The result? Feeling out of control, and therefore beginning to seek ways to control the future.


Step one:In order to break an unhelpful mental habit, we must start with awareness. Take a moment now to ask yourself if what you are worried about is happening now? If it isn’t take pen and paper and write down all the thoughts you have about why worrying about it now, is beneficial to you.


Step two: Any time you notice the mind has gone into the future, say in your mind the words: “future, future” and gently bring your attention back to the present moment. This is when you can use your senses- notice the things you can see, the sounds you can hear, the things you can physically fee-


Lastly, write this down somewhere you can see often to remind yourself of your new mental habit; I can worry about this later, come back to the present now.


Love, Olga


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