If you are reading this, chances are that you are:

  • An over-thinker
  • High Achiever
  • Go, go, go Super-woman.

Does that often take you to great places?

I bet it does. You’ve learned that if you work hard for what you want, to get results, right?

You also know that the higher you go, the more you get into your own head with thoughts like…

  • Am I doing enough?
  • Am I giving enough?
  • What is the perfect way to do this, to avoid mistakes?

The hamster wheel isn’t a habit of your success. It is just a habit of your mind. It is how your mind is used to responding to stress.

Success isn’t supposed to be stressful. Yet, here we are, “the women of 2023” trying to do it all...perfectly, flawlessly and at once without any help, without breaks and without flexibility.

If you are suffering from anxiety and feeling overwhelmed, it’s because we are making these three mistakes ladies:

  1. Having expectations that are above human capacity for you and for others.
  2. Thinking that taking a break makes you lazy or, that it would be boring
  3. Getting validation of your “enoughness” from the outside world.

If you are making these three mistakes, you are not just feeding the hamster wheel habit, you are also feeding the “fixed mindset” and, you are perpetually staying in a state of overwhelm and anxiety.

I would LOVE to help you unf*ck your mind from the habits that are slowing you down, dimming your spark and getting in the way of your happiness.

So, if you want to take ACTION on the complete opposite of those three mistakes, like the driven and ambitious woman that you are, let me get a closer look of what’s holding you back in a 15 min complimentary coaching call.

Just me and you and our coffees. It will be fun, I promise.

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