You wish you could get out of the mental drama in your mind — but there are so many things to think about!

These are the 3 steps I share with clients when they want to stop overthinking:

Step 1: AWARENESS; notice you’re doing it. Overthinking can become a habit that we don’t even notice as it is happening. 

Step 2: Change the what IFs for What IS. Come back to what’s actually happening and not what you think might happen.

Step 3: STOP asking WHY. Instead, ask yourself, Now what? This will keep your focus on the solution.

Every day we’re battling our own thoughts. 

And the thing is, the more we fight them, the more we have them. 

Avoiding thinking or ignoring it only increases it. 

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See you there, 

Olga xo

PS –  “I want to stop beating myself to succeed. I have done it all my life and it has worked, but I would rather succeed while being nice to myself.” These were her words on our first session together. Would you rather have a nice inner voice instead of a mean, bully one? We kick it off on January 13th(today!), and I’m delivering so much free value, you’d be crazy to miss it — save your free seat!