Are you tired of looking for, but not finding affordable and local yoga/mediation retreats? Thanks to the enthusiastic support of my students, I have decided to offer retreats on a regular basis. I have carefully designed and put together various themes and programs for each retreat, with my goal to help people strengthen their connection with their natural wisdom, find that internal relaxation place, and most importantly provide an opportunity to honour and improve their well-being.

I am extremely excited to offer this new service through Olga’s Way. I want to take the time to explain how I am such a BIG FAN of retreats and why everyone should take the time away from their daily routines to “retreat”.

As the word itself says, re-treats are about “re” (repetition) of “treats”. In today’s world, we tend to skip on treating ourselves to moments of self-care and relaxation or, to just “moments to ourselves”. We are quick at “treating” ourselves by purchasing a new item or by eating a delicious dessert, yet we rarely seem to find the time to treat ourselves to relaxation. How often do you hear yourself or others say “I’ve have no time to rest” or my ultimate favourite phrase “I have no time for myself”. I bet you hear these phrases far too often. Well, that was the case for me as well. Before I entered the world of meditation and mindfulness, I was a focused, dedicated and proud multi-tasker. I absolutely loved giving my time, attention and pretty much all of myself to as many people and activities as I could possibly do in one day. Until one fine summer I experienced an immense burnout that felt more like an apocalypse.

I can now confidently say that while it was a very painful phase of my life, it was also a great blessing. After much self-care, time spent listening to my inner wisdom, therapy, yoga, meditation, vitamins and supplements and the love of my family, I ended up coming back to my happy place, only much happier. During that process I was able to let go of an unhealthy work environment, a broken marriage and empty friendships. I gained new passions and hobbies that to this date, have provided me with an infinite amount serenity and growth.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should participate in a retreat:

  1. Change your routine: Nothing is more exciting than trying something new. It’s both a rush of adrenaline as a well as pause from what we are used to doing on a daily basis. Taking the time to go on a retreat is a great opportunity to break away from your daily routine to experience different activities and alternatives. This change will bring you a sense of joy and relaxation, and in turn you will naturally exude a “going with the flow” type of attitude.
  2. Recharge your batteries: This point perhaps should have been the first one, as it is my top reason to participate in a retreat. Due to the fast pace in which most people go about their day, there is rarely any time left to rest and recharge. Participating in a retreat is a way to tell yourself, loved ones, employer and even your friends, that you will be unavailable as you will be recharging your batteries. This is not only liberating but also incredibly peaceful. And the best part is that you will be envied by everyone around you without negative judgement and you will enjoy the retreat guilt-free. A win/win for everyone!
  3. Health benefits: Meditation, yoga and healthy eating are necessary for anyone’s well-being. There are now numerous research studies that prove that taking the time to slow down, take deep breaths, rest and digest properly have great benefits to your physical and mental health. Symptoms like high blood pressure and anxiety can be significantly reduced by simple moments of self-care. Imagine what a full day of resting and relaxation would do? I remember leaving my last retreat feeling like I was walking on the clouds. My body felt so light, my mind was clear and my heart felt joyful.
  4. Time to reflect: When I get asked how do I keep such a positive outlook on life, I always answer the same way; “I strive to have the best possible perception on life!” and that is the truth. I constantly take the time to reflect on my thoughts, emotions, perceptions and actions, particularly the ones that cause me pain or suffering. Since I was a child, I take the time to write down my emotions in a journal. That has saved me hours of therapy and it has always helped reflect and create different perceptions that in turn allow me to grow from my experiences. As an adult, it’s hard to find the opportunities to reflect. However, when you commit a day to participate in a retreat, you give yourself the time to reflect and explore the corners of your mind and heart. Most people leave retreats with their problems resolved, renewed perceptions to current issues, and an overall sense of peace from having spent time reflecting.
  5. Anti-aging: Ok ladies listen up! You will love this last tip! Taking the time to rest and reflect has proven benefits to our overall health. It has been proven that the more time people spend in deep relaxation, the less they age! I am sure you have noticed that when people experience stressful times they grow more grey hairs, gain/lose weight, irregular spikes in their blood pressure, etc… The key to healthy anti-aging is achieved by keeping your mind and body rested and nurtured. Participating in retreats is the perfect opportunity to give your yourself that well deserved self-love and balance. That being said, if this process can slow down our wrinkles and greys, I say AMEN!