The following are products I absolutely love to use when under stress, anxious or, simply when wanting to calm the mind;

a. Rescue Remedy: This is a homeopathic spray that you can carry in your pocket and use as needed. It will not make you sleepy, but it will definitely calm your nerves. I have also used their “Rescue Night” and it is also effective in helping inducing sleepy mode. You can order this from:

b. Tulsi Sweet Rose Tea: I first tried this tea at a Yoga training. I fell in love immediately. It is soothing, calming and it really does slow down the thinking mind without making you drowsy. You can order this from:

c. Weighted blankets: These blankets are of different weights they are usually hand made so they can be expensive. However, due to their weight, they help adults and children feel grounded, comfortable and anxious free to sleep. I recently got one and I absolutely love it! It feels like someone is hugging me while I sleep….and I ADORE hugs! You can order yours from;

d. Dewdrop Aromatherapy Diffuser : This diffuser from Young Living Oils is one of my favourites! it is small but it is strong and it stays on for several hours. The best part is that it turns off on its own! I have one in my bedroom and it is on most nights. You can order yours from:

e. Lavender Oil: This type of oil is well known for its calming effects. It will not only help with your sleeping (diffused or on your skin) but it will also give your bedroom an incredibly peaceful scent. I personally find it grounding and fresh. You can order it from:

d. Eye Pillows: I love, love, love the Halfmoon eye pillows! they are filled with flax seeds and you can order them with lavender scent! I use them to meditate, and also to enhance following asleep. They come in cute different fabrics and are made in Canada! You can order one from