Research tells us that it takes 21 days to create a new habit, but as research progressed it has been found out that 21 days is just halfway to creating a new habit. This explains why many of us fail despite successfully completing the 21 days. 

In this episode, I want to share with you new research that has helped me a lot in creating new habits. The information I’ve learned has been empowering, creative and realistic. And as a coach, I can realistically say that it takes 66 days on average to have a strong built habit. 

What’s A Mindset?

Before we dive in, it is important that you understand what mindset is. It’s a thinking pattern that’s been built in a certain sequence which leads to a pathway in the brain. And each time a certain thing happens, you react and think the same as you’ve always done. For example, when you face a challenge, you either persevere and push until you get to your goal or your mindset leads you down the path of over worrying. And that’s when the mindset is not helpful and ideal. 

That said, it is my mission to help you reset your mindset not only through our episode today but also through my program Reset Your Mindset. I will help you look through with awareness of your own thinking patterns and how to get out of them. To build new ones, because it is possible.

What Does The Mind Really Need?

When the pandemic hit us, I started noticing my own emotions and I started seeing what was going on on social media and the media in general. Because of the pandemic, the world’s morale was spiraling down. I decided to do some research that would help people detoxify their mind from negative thoughts and think differently. And that will always lead to mindset.

In the past, we heard stories that people who practice meditation regularly have more mental clarity than those who don’t. They were able to focus better and their anxiety and depression diminished. These were just based on reports and no real scientific evidence to support it.

Thankfully, we can now take photographs of the brain. We can now compare people with anxiety, normal people, and people creating new mental habits. We have learned that we can create new connections in our brain if we intend to. By repetition, we can help the brain create new pathways different from what we’re used to, which we call neuroplasticity.

How To Begin A New Mental Habit

For some, they become a slave of their thoughts and their mind. When going through mental challenges, some may feel like there’s no way out, but that’s not true, there is a way out and you are in charge.

The first thing you have to do is have the clarity of what you want. Pause and recognize what is not working. It begins with awareness. Creating self-awareness, makes you recognize your thinking patterns and enables you to choose how you respond. You get to create a mental plan of what you want, and consciously choose your response. And repeating your desired response for 66 consecutive days creates a pathway.

You Are In Charge

Ultimately, you are the only person who can really make the change you desire. 66 days is just the ideal number, but your desire is the most important part of the process. When you finally have that clarity of what you want to change or a new habit you want to form, comes awareness, then you get to create the response you desire. And finally, keep doing or repeating your conscious responses. 

And don’t forget to celebrate small wins. It keeps you going, excited, and motivated to reach your goal of developing new habits.

Remember, you are in charge. Be self-aware, choose how you respond, repeat…

The Reset Your Mindset program is starting February 8th 2022. This program focuses on three main points, creating awareness, setting up boundaries, and increasing your confidence. This time around, I’m also giving participants lifetime access to Detox The Mind Online Course, a course that emphasizes on helping you create new neurological connections so that you have a happier mind and healthier habits. Click on the links to know more! You can also book a call with me!

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