What tells you that you are off balance?

We tend to think we are out of balance when we are about to make sudden changes in our lives, for instance being a businesswoman to becoming a mother. We fear that we might fail to do both and have a balanced life while managing to be the best in two things at the same time.

In today’s episode, we are going to audit together our beliefs about a balanced life.  What tools I’ve been using since becoming a mom have helped me re-establish my relationship with balance and how it’s ever-changing.

I’m going to give you those tools throughout the episode and if you think this will work for you and you like it, do your community a favor and share it.

What Is A Balanced Life?

You might be jealous when you looked at other people seeing them having a balanced life. They’re so organized and you just wonder, what do they have? What are they doing that it’s working so well for them and is not working for you?

You’re probably resisting change so things might be moving along in life and you are still attached to your old ways and wondering why. This is feeling so heavy and complicated.

Despite your best efforts to organize yourself with a to-do list, have a calendar, to reduce all the things you’re still not feeling balanced because there isn’t any amount of time spent on you rebuilding yourself or refilling your cup. Why do you think it hasn’t been working for you? It is because a calendar and a schedule do not change your mindset.

Balance is a way of thinking it is created by your thought and your thoughts produce behavior and so if your thoughts say that you’re selfish, if you take time away from your family to go do something that benefits you alone, your behavior is going to be that you don’t do that thing and your feeling is going to be out of balance, overworked, overwhelmed.

What’s in it for you after you’re listening to this podcast, is that you’re gonna have a  new perception that hopefully will give you some relief. If you are currently feeling like your life is completely out of balance. I am the best person to teach you this because one, I specialize in mindset

What Is It Costing You To Be Off Balance In General?

When I’m off balance I have cues that tell me I’m off balance. One of those cues is that I’m not sleeping well, that I dream a lot, that I wake up a lot.  Another cue is that I feel in a low mental cycle. My brain is just not getting equality, thoughts, the opposite to start that brings me kind of down. I might be more prone to feeling uneasy, anxious, or worried when those four things happen. I know I’m off balance. 

How to have a balanced life using the “Reset Your Mind Tool”

  • Awareness will always be your best friend.

Become aware of our own thoughts and beliefs about balance, what are all of your thoughts about balance? What do you think of balance? What does being in balance mean to you?  

  • Circle the ones that you think are limiting beliefs.

Beliefs limit you in getting to balance and it could be that you think balance means it’s a permanent thing that once you get it is like a destination versus a journey.

Balance is not the destination, balance is the journey and we cultivate self-awareness as our environment changes and things become different. Our needs are constantly changing so the balance will mean something different.

The flow of balance is constantly changing. So you have to become aware, you have to process the limiting beliefs, then you have to reset your mindset, and you can make a decision moving forward.

My doors will be opening soon on the September 26 cohort of my Reset Your Mindset group. So if this is for you, if you are a perfectionist, attached to achievements, overdoing, constantly fed up with your own mind, wanting to get a break from thinking so much from feeling disappointed from being so hard on yourself. I want to coach you through that.