Recently, I finished a round of IVF, the fifth one in the last three years. And I felt that my body just hated every second of having hormones that are not produced by my body. I am far from being back to what I would call normal emotionally and physically, especially physically. And I believe that just like me, someone else out there needs to hear this episode.

Today, I have invited Melissa Finlay, a qualified holistic nutritionist who specializes in Women’s health. She’s also a qualified personal trainer and pilates instructor. And she’s here today to talk about everything premenopause.

In this episode, we’re going to be breaking away from some of the myths that you might have about what menopause is, premenopause, aging, and some symptoms I can’t figure out. This conversation is for every woman listening, whether you’re in your early 20’s or late 40’s, this is applicable to all of us.

In this episode:

[05:03] Melissa explains holistic nutrition and why she focuses on women’s health.

[08:07] What is Perimenopause?

[09:03] Perimenopause could start as early as 35 years old.

[11:00] How does insulin resistance happen.

[14:33] If your AMH is tested is low, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are infertile, or that you’re not going to be able to conceive a child.

[17:18] The myths of perimenopause.

[20:03] ‘Perimenopause is a recalibration of the nervous system.’

[22:10] Things we can do to help our nervous system recalibrate.

[25:17] The perimenopause phase does not mean you’re infertile.

[32:03] Give your body at least three months to shift back to its normal rhythms.

[38:10] Melissa’s advices to anybody who suspects going perimenopause.

[41:29] Look at your stress, and look at how that’s impacting your nervous system.

[42:09] Milissa refers her clients to use Insight Timer app, a guide through meditation and mindfulness.

About Melissa Finlay

Melissa Finlay is a qualified holistic nutritionist who specializes in Women’s health. She’s also a qualified personal trainer and pilates instructor. Mel works with women to show them how food, nutrition, lifestyle intervention and self care can unlock a new level of energy and vitality, and assist with healing from specific issues like postnatal depletion or diagnosed women’s health conditions like endometriosis.

In January 2020 she launched the Amazing Mums Academy – an online course for mums, which has allowed her to bring her knowledge and expertise to Mums in a really accessible way, whilst building a community of Mums who support, understand and encourage each other to achieve their goals.

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