I recently had an eye-opening experience at my naturopath’s office while picking up my supplements. Glancing at the bill, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow, this costs as much as a visit to Costco!” Have you also noticed the staggering price of quality supplements these days?


The receptionist, with a wise smile, responded with something that truly struck me: “I know. We often choose these hectic lifestyles that wear down our health, relying on supplements and particular foods to keep going, rather than addressing the root of the problem.”


Her simple observation became a profound gift in that moment.


It made me realize that the answer to my busy life isn’t merely adding more supplements or holistic doctors. It’s not about cramming more tasks into my to-do list. Achieving balance isn’t about supporting an imbalanced life; it’s about recentering and prioritizing what genuinely matters. It’s about letting go of the unnecessary, the things that drain us.


So, I pose this question to you: Are you supporting an unbalanced lifestyle or a balanced one? It’s a thought-provoking question, I know.


There’s something incredibly appealing about slowing down, doing less, walking at a gentler pace, and finding contentment in the present moment.


Could a calm nervous system be the most alluring thing you seek right now? I find it so.


With this newfound wisdom, I want to extend a final invitation to you to join my stress reduction class. It begins next Tuesday at 5:30 pm.


Together, let’s discover the balance and serenity that lies within us.


Looking forward to seeing you there!


Let’s OM together!

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