Confidence Coach

Have you ever heard the saying; “fake it until you make it”?

I have, and I used to hate it. I never wanted to “fake” my way into anything. But, doing some serious mindset work allowed me to truly understand what that saying actually means. I figured this would make for an interesting read on a Thursday morning.

I never ask my clients to “fake it until they make it” but I do teach them to act “as if” the personality traits, the routine, job, relationship they want was already here. I call this process “remembering your future”.

As someone who has had anxiety, I understand very well, my inner capacity to imagine the future. Even if you have never had anxiety, I am sure that you can relate to having had thoughts that start with “what if…” and you then proceed to imagine a future that isn’t here yet, right??

I realized every single one of us keeps imagining our future. But not the future we want to live and experience, no. We keep imagining the future we fear. We imagine a future where our relationships struggle, where our health declines, where our finances decrease. So, in a way, what I am about to teach you is something you are already a pro at. Except, that you haven’t been using it for your greatest benefit.

“Acting as if” is an intentional way to begin to generate behaviors and thoughts that are in alignment with who you want to be in the future. It is about being very clear on the future you want, and begin to think and act as if those were already your reality.


Remember your future. Dedicate time to imagine your life as you would love it to be in the future. Imagine yourself being confident, loved, healthy, wealthy, happy. Let your mind go wild while dreaming of that life, of that you. Close your eyes and visualize what it would feel like to be there already.

Your future is always built in the present- One of my Reset clients recently explained; “Olga’s Way, refers to the present moment.” it made me smile- She got it. Being aware that the future, your future is being built in this present moment is all you need to know in order to take full responsibility from what you are doing NOW. Along with remembering your future as you want it, you must begin to act as the woman who built that future, TODAY. You have to start planting those seeds now.

So, friends, it is time to start using the skills you already have BUT, in a way that will benefit you HUGELY.

Start by imagining the future you want. Write it down, go into details. Feel what it would be like to be there already.

Continue to use that feeling to make decisions today.

Act as if you were already the you of your future. What would she be doing differently today?

Happy Thursday, enjoy remembering your future 🙂

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Let’s make this a fun, light and easy fall!