After coaching women for 8+ years, I’ve come to the conclusion that what we fear the most isn’t failure, it turns out that we are far more comfortable with failure than we are with success.


You fear success more than you fear failure.


I can confidently say that the majority of women I know and coach are afraid of success. They consciously or unconsciously will do anything to sabotage their success so that they can continue to play small and have no real responsibility, no real loss.


Having been this same woman myself, I’ve decided that I was going to help others get comfortable with success. Because I am 100% convinced that this world will be infinitely better once every woman feels empowered enough to succeed.


So, how can you tell if you are afraid of success?


1.You have thoughts that stop you from investing in yourself:

Every time your mind tells you that spending money on yourself, your health, your growth or even on things that are fun for you to do, is not justifiable or, “is too much to spend on ourself”, know that this is a very compelling argument that has effectively allowed you to continue to stay in status quo.

Naturally, the brain keeps giving you the same thoughts over and over so that you do not reach out to potential supports, fun activities and this keeps you in the comfort of where you are at.

2. You don’t have time: 

Most of us hide behind the excuse of time because it’s hard to argue against it. The most successful people in the world, make time. Notice how you might be telling yourself that you don’t have time to take care of yourself, or to read a book or to exercise, and yet, you always seem to find the time to Netflix binge and to scroll indefinitely on social media. Becoming aware that “lack of time” is related to our fear of success is crucial. When you become determined to succeeding, no excuse will stop you from investing time and energy towards the goal.

3. This isn’t the right time: 

This is another minds favourite fear to hold on to. According to the mind that is afraid of success, there is a “perfect” time to getting started, or committing to the goal at hand.

That thought normally leads to making sure that this is the right moment to commit or to start such a goal. Sound familiar? I like to call this the “procrastination excuse”. Your brain will basically offer you all possible reasons to postpone, not do and avoid taking any potential steps towards success.

4. Who are you to succeed?

When you do decide on a goal, when you cut through all the excuses and start taking steps in the direction of your success, a gentle but powerful voice inside keeps wondering who you think you are to even thinking that level of success is possible for you. The impostor syndrome shows up and tries to question your worth. This often leads to becoming paralyzed by fear and avoiding all future steps towards success.

5. What if I fail?

This is the most commonly asked question among those who fear success. They fear success so much that they don’t even question what would happen if they succeed. That scenario is scarier than the one of failure. So the mind keeps asking you to think over and over of all the ways in which you can fail at accomplishing your goal. The result? Paralyzing energy, procrastination and not action taken towards success.


If you identified with one or, all of those points, you are afraid of success.


This is something that you want to address and transform. Why? Because you were born to succeed and not doing so, is robbing the world from your gift!


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XO, Olga