Being positive is not necessarily good. Why? First of all, the word positive is overused. Second, positive can come from being good, but can also come from being bad. In a way, it’s meaning and use can be classified as vague. Instead of focusing on positivity, I’d like you to focus on something better, and that is POWER.

In today’s episode, I would like to share with you why power is more important than being positive. Positivity can set your mindset, but power gives you the initiative to act towards your goals. How you start your day declares the rest of your existence. Make powerful choices and practice powerful habits.

What Is Power?

When I say power, I mean having the courage to stand your ground, being assertive, knowing that you can say no as equally as saying yes, getting to know your nature and not working against it, but working towards it. Power is having the right mindset and the ability to take action and make yourself better.

Power is more than just being positive. Power is understanding who you are, and using that to become a better version of yourself. 

My Mantra

‘I have a powerful, successful, meaningful, present, and future.’ – This mantra helps me reshape my thoughts, and it fills me with power. 

It is important to set your mindset first and believe in it. And having a mantra is one way of conditioning your mind to power. This will empower you to achieve anything you put your mind and heart into. Even if you go through challenges, anxieties, or fear, your power will lead you out of it because it is what you firmly believe in.

Reframe your mindset, and bring yourself back to harnessing your power.

How You Start Your Day Declares The Rest Of Your Existence

Don’t aim to just start your day with positivity, but aim to be powerful. Step into the power of making powerful life choices and powerful habits. And that starts once you wake up in the morning.

Always focus on harvesting power. Align your goals and habits towards being a powerful you, starting from your morning habits.

You Can Still Make A Change

Life is not perfect. Everyone goes through good and bad days, but don’t stay stuck in the bad. 

Many times, your mental habits, your future and your present is created by you. Don’t limit yourself by your past or your current circumstances. Bring meaning to your present and let that meaning be powerful and let that power be successful and travelled through into your future. Have the courage and power to change.


Your power lies in you. Your choices, your thoughts, and your beliefs make you powerful. Make yourself the leader of your life, in a way that others will want to look up to you, and want to be like you. Choose to stand in power, and utilize that power not only for you but for others.

The next time you’re feeling anxious or uncomfortable, ashamed or embarrassed. Tell yourself, I feel this way because I’ve responded that way to an event, but it is within my power to respond differently.

Aim for power, aim for happiness, the power lies in you.

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