Pam and Elena are two of my students in the Reset your Mindset 12-week coaching program. A program that focuses on a complete mindset reset to help women see things differently, to see things as they are and not as what your mental drama tells you they are. And these two incredible women are here with us today to share their own transformation stories that changed their lives once they decided to reset their mindsets.

In this episode, I would like to share with you how Pam and Elena fought through their struggles and traumas in life starting with the decision to take action, to reset their mindsets. When you’re going through difficulties, it’s so difficult to find a way out, mental drama will take over and will control you. But for Pam and Elena, deciding to reset their mindsets, changed their lives completely.

In this episode:

[01:34] Elena is an accountant and the pandemic was a rough period for her just like most people. She also went through a lot of traumas in her life.

[02:39] Pam lost her son. And while attending an event for bereaved parents at Roger Neilson House, Pam heard Olga, who was a guest speaker at that time.

[05:39] Getting married soon and with the tragic death of her son, Pam knew she needed an intervention to be mentally and emotionally prepared to walk down the aisle. 

[07:30] Elena on the other hand also went through traumas. Aside from losing one of her twins, she had a reading disability, was an overachiever, a perfectionist, and was constantly burnt out. She realized she needed help.

[14:12] Elena didn’t know what life coaching is about. Her perspective was that it was all about fixing somebody who’s broken. She soon learned that it’s really about empowering and supporting someone.

[17:03] Elena describes Olga’s program as unique and different from therapists.

[20:46] Olga remains accountable. She follows up and sees to it that what she’s teaching is being applied. The 12-week program teaches how to reset the mind and create a new habit.

[25:22] Pam not only learned how to smile on her wedding day but she learned and realized it’s about constantly working on herself. She no longer needs to fake a smile but can genuinely smile on her day.

[27:00] Olga’s abilities and years of experience birthed Reset your Mindset.

[30:00] Pam realized she was planting seeds but wasn’t watering them. Now, because of Olga, she learned to take care of her mental health.

[32:07] Elena only expected support from group coaching but earned something more valuable, she learned skills and acquired tools she can use and practice. 

[35:20] Group coaching allows someone to see that they are not alone, someone is going through the same struggle, and you get to have support from each other.

[42:57] Thought work helped Pam with her transformation today.

[44:09] We’re always our hardest critics and Pam learned to have compassion for herself and rediscover a friend in her. 

[45:13] Elena learned the importance of boundaries in her life. And that was a life-changing turn for her.

[48:55] In our society now, mental health has become a more comfortable topic, but more than just talking about it, working towards a healthy mind is the end goal.

[51:01] For Pam, Reset your Mindset is for anyone, and wished she started this as a teenager to really eliminate the negative self talk earlier on. Her husband, family, friends, and everyone around her noticed the change.

[53:13] For Elena, Reset your Mindset is for women in leadership, to be a model to other women and show them that it is possible to make changes for the better.

Pam and Elena’s lives have transformed. Through resetting their mindsets, they’re now equipped with the tools they need to see things differently and not let mental drama take over. 

About Pam & Elena

Pam is a bereaved mom, a fiancee, an aunt, a stillbirth awareness advocate, an MS advocate, a dog lover, and a nurse. Pam loves to help and empower others to live their life at their truest potential. Through the Reset your Mindset program, she is more equipped to accomplish her mission to help and empower other women.

Elena has lived all over Canada and changed careers twice. She is a professional CPA in Ottawa with a diverse and colorful character. A recipient of leadership awards from 3 national associations, she put herself through 2 degrees debt-free and survived and conquered “oodles” of trauma. She is a purebred perfectionist, overachiever, with ADHD, a reading disability, and an anxiety-riddled pet lover. In other words – she needs all the help she can get.

After 10 years of infertility struggles, and a traumatic 2021 losing one of her twins, she welcomed a healthy and beautiful boy. Being burnt out from work and medical escapades, Elena found the Reset your Mindset program incredibly valuable and practical and wanted to share her experience with others.

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