Let’s talk about anxiety.

Why do we have it? What is its purpose and how can we manage it?

Since we were not always living in safe housing, away from large, night time predators, we developed over the years internal primitive safety tools.

Anxiety, is a primitive safety tool for humans.

It is the response that alerts the nervous system and the brain of danger and it makes us run to safety.

However, our brain cannot tell the difference between being in the middle of a dangerous situation or, having thoughts about a dangerous situation. To the brain, both scenarios are scary.

So, for the majority of us, we feel anxiety when we are perfectly safe but having thoughts that make us feel unsafe.

I like thinking of anxiety as the alarm system that goes off when our own thinking has gone to unsafe places (also known as the wrong way).

Consider this your personal invitation to dive deep with me into a week (and a life) of teaching your mind how to manage anxiety by starting to see it as a form of wisdom from within.

Yup, that’s what this month’s Detox the Mind will focus on. Seeing anxiety as inner wisdom. That small change in perception can change so much for you and your nervous system.

I can’t wait for you to join me. I have no doubt that it is going to be quite helpful and liberating.

Feel like this is your time? Sign up for Detox the Mind February 20-24th. All calls happen at 11:00am EST.

PS: This is the last time that Detox will be offered for $27, my prices will go up as of next month. This will also be the last time that the recording of the calls will be available to you for free. Take advantage 🙂

See you in there,