What do you practice the most?

I’m serious, what to you spend most of your time practicing during your days, weeks, months?

Is it patience? Clear communication? Clean eating? Tennis? Overthinking? WHAT?

“Repetition makes the master” 

If you have to name one thing you are currently mastering, what would it be? I know for some of you the answer might be; rehearsing worst case scenarios, or overthinking or something of those sorts.

I can surely tell you worry was indeed something I mastered thanks to the abundant repetition I invested in. 🫣

It might seem odd to think of something like worry as a “practice,” but isn’t that essentially what practice is?  The act of doing something repeatedly to improve at it. Sure, we probably didn’t aim to become proficient in worry, but the time dedicated to it inevitably makes us experts.

So, why am I bringing this up? To highlight that, consciously or not, you’re repeating behaviours – those you favour and those you don’t. In essence, you’re practicing both.

This is your sign, your invite, your call…. to start practicing what you DO WANT and start practicing RESISTING what you do not want.

I am making a personal invitation to YOU, to join my monthly membership to “The Practice”. Where you get to be coached on how to unlearn things that no longer serve you, learn things you want to master, be a part of the community that will give you a sense of belonging AND, where you will get to work on your personal development goals. All for $99 a month!

What’s inside The Practice:

  • Monthly group coaching calls (next one on March 11th).
  • Access to all Masterclasses (the recordings).
  • Access to weekly journaling prompts.
  • Discounted rates for private coaching sessions.

Let’s get you into the Practice of coaching, shall we?

XO, Olga