Are your thoughts tiring you out or, powering you up?

Every tiny teeny thought has the power to uplift you or, make you scared.

Our automatic mode is FEAR.

The brain feels safer if you are in fear. Because when you are in fear you are in fight or fly response, which keeps you safe.

Your brain’s main objective is to keep you safe.

There is only one problem.

The brain cannot tell the difference between your imagination and your reality.

So all thoughts appear real to the mind.

This is why we MUST do the mind work, to help refrain our brain from its natural instinct to be in fear.

We can learn how the mind works and how to set it up for success.

That’s what my coaching is all about.

I teach YOU how to understand your mind better so that you can live the life of your passion and not the life of your fears.

We start with cleaning the mind and creating new space in which you will develop a strong foundation for your future self.

The future YOU who will know how to activate the mind to give you the thoughts that power you up.

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Olga Lacroix