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Resistant to new habits?

When you want to create a new habit such as saving money, but your friends, your family and people around you do not have that habit, you can easily continue to have the habit of saving money on a “wish list” that likely you will continue to postpone.

But if everyone around you is a “money saver”, you are far more likely and with a lot less resistance, to start to practice that habit.

So, hang out with people who are already doing the habits that you want to start having because whether we like it or not, we are copy-cat humans. We like to imitate what we see.

Are you imitating habits that you enjoy?

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Is worry your love language?

Worry is NOT love.

Worrying and love are two different things and one is not a condition to the other. Worry only makes love feel heavier, wouldn’t you agree?

I know we all believe to some degree that love without worry is not love. But that’s just a myth, that keeps us hooked to worry. Think about it, love with worry makes you be controlling. It takes away so much ENERGY and TRUST from you and from the ones you are worrying about.

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What real self-care looks like

What is self-care?

Self-care is not always what we think it is. Sure, bubble baths, wine with friends and a day at the spa are fun, relaxing ways to fill up our cups. But they are not efficient, long-term solutions to a nervous system that is in override. 

Self-care has to do two things for you: Give the brain a break and give the nervous system time to process and recalibrate. RESET.

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Afraid of success?

After coaching women for 8+ years, I’ve come to the conclusion that what we fear the most isn’t failure, it turns out that we are far more comfortable with failure than we are with success. 

You fear success more than you fear failure.

I can confidently say that the majority of women I know and coach are afraid of success. They consciously or unconsciously will do anything to sabotage their success so that they can continue to play small and have no real responsibility, no real loss. 

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Breaking patterns.

Can you recognize your own patterns?

I have been fascinated by patterns for a while now. 

When you are able to see the same situations play over and over again in your own life, and you wonder; why is it that life sends me the same story time after time?

“I always end up with a boss that has no boundaries” or, “My partners always take me for granted” or, “Every time this happens, I feel anxious”.

It’s like no matter where you go, there you are.

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I had to write this before a date with my husband…

When would you rather work on things? (business, marriage, health, finances, etc…) when it’s “sunny” or in the middle of a storm?

I know the answer for me was not the storm.

I know I want to work on things while it’s sunny so that when the storm comes, I’ve got plenty of energy, resources and vitality to ride the waves of the storm.

I also know working on things while it’s sunny is fun, light and easier.

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