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Recharge with ‘Snack-Size’ Breaks

Tired? I see you out there!

Did you know that yawning is often misunderstood as just a sign that your brain needs more oxygen? In fact, it’s a bit more complex and interesting than that.

Yawning does more than just fill our lungs; it stretches the jaw and enhances blood flow. This action can invigorate us, making us feel more awake and alert. It’s a natural, physiological response that helps in adjusting our brain’s temperature and maintaining our alertness.

So, the next time you catch yourself yawning during a meeting, don’t feel embarrassed. It’s just your body’s way of keeping your brain in top shape, not merely a quest for more oxygen.

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Avoidance: How to Handle it.

Avoidance is a common way of dealing with fear and anxiety. We do it because we rather not feel the discomfort that certain situation give us, or because we do not know how to handle that discomfort.

While it is normal to avoid, it is not helpful in the long run. Here is why:

At a first glance, avoidance seems helpful because it make us feel immediately better. However, avoidance does not allow us the opportunity to disproof the limiting beliefs that we hold about that situation or person and we never get to gather evidence against our fear. 

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Did you have a ‘blah’ January?

Did you have a blah January?

I for sure did!

Coming down from the IVF hormones, getting my head around the unsuccessful result, growing my team of coaches, being away from home and, starting a deep and long detox of my body has all contributed to feeling a little blah this month.

How was it for you?

I realized that despite how great my awareness is about “why” I am feeling the way I am, that understanding alone does not change the feeling itself. 

But it has offered me compassion.

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It’s OK to not be OK

Whether you’re new here or not, I wanted to remind you of a free resource I provide you with every week: The Podcast! Be the CEO of your Life podcast has aired 233 episodes to date and we aren’t stopping them!

Every Monday we air a new episode with relevant information about mental health, mindfulness, mindset tips, productivity tips and real life stories.

If you have not heard this week’s episode of the podcast, I highly recommended it 👌 titled; “It’s ok to not be ok”.

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Feeling uninspired as the New Year rolls in?

It’s true, the New Year is just another date we’ve collectively agreed to mark as significant. But isn’t it fascinating how it can stir up such a whirlwind of emotions? While some are electrified by the possibilities, others might feel a sense of indifference or even pressure.

But here’s the thing: it’s perfectly fine to not be riding the wave of New Year euphoria. Feeling a bit off as the year kicks off?That’s okay. Your current state doesn’t dictate the rest of your year.

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Is it too much? Not enough?

Some investments for yourself are simply priceless. When I invite women to join my coaching programs I talk about all the obvious benefits:

More confidence, assertiveness in decision making, readiness to change their mood, tools to shift unhelpful thoughts and lower anxiety, less stress, more happiness, no overthinking.

Today, I want to tell you about the value that comes from doing the things above that you might not even consider as a consequence of mindset work.

Specifically, I want to tell you about Lina. A client who did the 12-weeks of Reset your Mindset program.

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