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Waiting is an opportunity for growth.

“I love waiting” said no one EVER!! I remember the days when a short wait would make me feel impatient like nothing else. Whether it was a bit of traffic or, waiting for mail to arrive. I confess, waiting was one of my biggest annoyances, I disliked it very much. My...
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5 Tips to stop overthinking

A fast pace world that access technology on a 24/7 basis and that values and encourages over-doing, it is not surprisingly a world of high anxieties and over-worriers. Overthinking is a natural response to being exhausted mentally and physically. It is a side effect...
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The gifts of infertility

Although I didn’t always see it this way, today I can honestly say that my struggle with infertility has become a shower of gifts. Some get to have baby showers, others get to have showers of emotional gifts because there is no baby. That was definitely the case for me.

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