How do we keep a life-work balance? 

A lot of us go through the challenges of keeping a life-work balance. Especially for us women, we don’t only balance our careers but we balance our families, leisure, and health. And sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time and we end up overwhelmed. 

Today, we have Desi Creswell, a Certified Life and Business Coach who helps interior designers stop feeling overwhelmed so they can intentionally build profitable, fulfilling businesses that enrich and support their lives as a whole. 

In this episode, we talk about why balance isn’t linear but how recalibrating can help in determining your goals and priorities. You can be constantly overwhelmed, but there are ways to get out of it and realign your visions every time. 

Everyone can do it. All you have to do is show up and do not put an expiration date on your goals and keep going. – Desi

In this episode:

[04:30] When life, schedules, and responsibilities change, you have the opportunity to recalibrate and refocus on your priorities and goals in life.

[06:35] We always need to start with the end in mind and then evaluate where we want to be along the way. 

[07:25] How do you live a balanced life as a career woman, mom, and with your other roles in life?

[08:24] You need to be specific with your goals and visions, otherwise finding balance will be vague.

[10:02] A lot of times we are overwhelmed with all the different directions we want to take but what we need is to define a specific goal in order to progress.

[11:08] Then make a decision on what your goal is and make it a priority.

[13:13] To make your goal more fun, connect it with a bigger vision to help you get where you want to be.

[15:13] To recalibrate, you have to pay attention. Set a goal for the year, and then I break it down into quarterly plans.

[15:29] A good way to evaluate is to check regularly on a weekly basis and see what’s working and not working.

[19:11] When evaluating, some people mistake this as an opportunity to judge themselves but this should be the time to be curious, be curious about identifying what’s not working and make it a little better the next week.

[20:52] Three top skills to get out of the overwhelm. And the first one is to take a pause and separate facts from the story.

[21:20] Second is knowing the story you have or your interpretation of those facts.

[23:14] Thirds is the process of breaking down projects.

[27:11] Telling yourself there’s too much to do is not going to serve you but getting into a solutions-focused mindset can create the day that you want.

[29:21] When you’re feeling overwhelmed, having the support of a coach and a community, who’s doing the same work with you and who is seeing you at your highest potential and helping you reconnect to that end goal is just priceless.

[32:12] For Desi, with all the things she does, life is not linear, it’s not perfect but it’s about reconnecting to what’s her vision even when life is not going the way she wants it and just being the best version of herself.

[39:15] Coaching helps when you’re not doing what you say you want to do and you’re being judgemental of yourself.

[39:38] And curiosity is important to address the belief structure that’s keeping you from implementing what you need to do

[39:57] Everyone can do it. I truly believe anyone who joins my program is going to get amazing results. And all they have to do is just keep showing up for themselves and I’m going to be there to help them and not put an expiration date on their goals and keep going. Desi

About Desi Creswell

Desi Creswell is a Certified Life and Business Coach who helps interior designers stop feeling overwhelmed so they can intentionally build profitable, fulfilling businesses that enrich and support their lives as a whole. 

An award-winning interior designer, Desi worked for world-renowned design and architecture firms prior to establishing her own design practice. After experiencing burnout from an endless to-do list and the competing interests of work and home, she was disheartened by the feeling that she wasn’t showing up as her best in any area of life. Desi sought to find solutions within the industry for time management, work-life balance, and creating success that is truly self-defined.

In her quest to find a better way and get her big questions about work and life answered, Desi became committed to personal development and growth. This led Desi to blend mindset with a strategy to transform her own experience and thus realize that there was a need for this type of support within the design community. Her training as a life coach, paired with her industry-specific expertise, helps her to empower clients to thrive both personally and professionally.  

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