Over the past few weeks, I have been taking a pause from doing to just be.

What do  I mean by that?

I was rushing my son to finish his breakfast for the fifth time that week, anticipating how long we would argue over the snow pants he has to wear, while noticing with the corner of my eye the clock that no matter how hard I try, it never slows down for me.

“We are always in a rush” I said to my husband. “I hate it” I whispered to myself.

That feeling that “you’re never quite done” it’s so heavy. It’s also stressful. I know this and yet, I spend so much of my time in “doing mode” that I forget to just be.

This year my word is; purpose. I’ve committed to living with purpose. Every action, from sending an email to meditating, is intentional. Journaling has become a morning ritual since January, enhancing my ability to be present and connect with myself.

Somehow, dedicating several minutes of my day to connect with myself has given me extra room to be present. To just BE.

Our past three months have involved several trips, and lots of family time. This has given me new perspectives. Like the ability to be present is not any less challenging when you are on vacation than when you’re at home. It takes purpose to be present- no matter where you are or, what is happening around you.

I’ve noticed that tantrums, work, rest, play and all the in-betweens happen whether you are in your house or on an Island, and that what truly matters is your ability to “come back home” to you. To check-in with your own self. To take intentional moments to be, here and now. To slow down and speed up accordingly. To meet ourselves where we are at without judgment.

So I’m here to remind you happiness isn’t reserved for perfect days but is readily accessible in the present moment.

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Love, Olga