Recipe for serlf-love, self-growth and self-awareness

Olga’s Way

"The only way out is through"



Recipe for self-love, self-growth, self-awareness and self-acceptance


1.       Visualize. Before you get out of bed picture the kind of day you are going to have. See how everything will flow that day, how everything that will happen is meant to happen for your best interest. Know that every interaction will be there to help you, to teach you. See how love and abundance will be a part of your day. And set that intention for the day.

2.       Meditate twice a day. First thing in the morning and before going to bed.

3.       Talk to yourself. Tell yourself as often as you can how much you love yourself.

4.       Exercise. Get your endorphins active. What type of physical activities do you enjoy doing most? Do them as often as possible 5-7 times a week

5.       Speak with love. Watch your language. Use positive affirmations, loving words towards yourself and others. Look for new ways of looking at your reality. What is working well?  What is hiding behind the so perceived “troubles”?

6.       Eat clean:  We are what we eat. To love one-self means to do it in every possible way. Loving your body also means that you will feed it the foods that you know will make it healthy, vibrant, and energized.  What are those foods for you? Be discipline, each meal is a way of telling yourself how much you love yourself.

7.       Gratitude list. Everyday brings many reasons to be grateful for. Take a moment out of your day, to write them down or say them to someone. Gratitude is the best way to multiply that which we love and enjoy.


Do this for seven days, seven consecutive times for a total of 49 days.



“And whatever you do, do it with love”