Can you recognize your own patterns?

I have been fascinated by patterns for a while now.

When you are able to see the same situations play over and over again in your own life, and you wonder; why is it that life sends me the same story time after time?

“I always end up with a boss that has no boundaries” or, “My partners always take me for granted” or, “Every time this happens, I feel anxious”.

It’s like no matter where you go, there you are.

Our brain thinks in patterns.

We associate feelings, behaviours to events. We repeat the same behaviours, create the same feelings because we have the same thoughts each time that event happens.

Take my client Nina as an example.

Every time her and the boyfriend got into a disagreement she had the same though; “He is going to leave me”. Which she would then associate with the feeling of grief and with the behaviour of shutting down.

Imagine right now, what relationship can exist without any disagreement?


But also imagine feeling grief and shutting down each time there is a disagreement. (Heavy, right?)

Nina created awareness of the steps she unconsciously follows each time there is a disagreement. With that awareness, she was able to pin point to where the patterns could be interrupted and with the tools I taught her inside Reset your Mindset, she was able to break and replace those patterns.

“Just like magic” she learned to respond differently to those arguments with her boyfriend and they went from feeling stuck to making progress and communicating better.

It feels like magic, but to be honest it isn’t magic.

It’s awareness, paired with decision. Two of the elements I teach inside the Reset your Mindset formula.

The gift of life coaching is the gift of living life on our terms. Doesn’t that sound like the dream?

I know you are sitting on the fence wondering if things are bad enough to “have to” invest in yourself. I invite you to invest in yourself now. Because we all have thinking patterns that can be changed and elevated.

Time to make a decision!