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What’s Enough? Am I Enough?

Are you enough? Did you do enough? Do you have enough? Feeling, having and specially doing enough is important to you. That’s why you often overthink about these questions. “Enough” seems to be an elusive feeling that when you think you got it, POOF it disappears. No matter how much you do, you give, you buy, at the end of the day when your head is about to hit the pillow, you wonder if everyone was happy, if what you did, gave, and have, was actually enough? 

Make it work. Just make it work.

 Over thinkers always end up “making it work” but not without first adding a lot of unnecessary drama and anxiety.

The over thinker is used to living in a state of stress and sleepless nights. It is used to being told that they are worrying too much about something, they are also used to being tired.

The adrenaline that over thinkers produce on a single day could be used to run a full marathon, no questions asked.