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Breaking patterns.

Can you recognize your own patterns?

I have been fascinated by patterns for a while now. 

When you are able to see the same situations play over and over again in your own life, and you wonder; why is it that life sends me the same story time after time?

“I always end up with a boss that has no boundaries” or, “My partners always take me for granted” or, “Every time this happens, I feel anxious”.

It’s like no matter where you go, there you are.

I had to write this before a date with my husband…

When would you rather work on things? (business, marriage, health, finances, etc…) when it’s “sunny” or in the middle of a storm?

I know the answer for me was not the storm.

I know I want to work on things while it’s sunny so that when the storm comes, I’ve got plenty of energy, resources and vitality to ride the waves of the storm.

I also know working on things while it’s sunny is fun, light and easier.

How to improve your sleep.

Sleep, is a big subject of conversation in my coaching calls and to be honest, within myself.

In order to determine how a patient is doing psychologically, a therapist asks about their sleep. Because the sleep is the reflection of the emotional body.

Not surprisingly, when a person is going through high levels of stress, emotional turmoil, grief, change, health issues, etc., the sleep tends to suffer.

Permission to go first.

Started going for walks, and then got too busy to continue?

Despite your best intentions of keeping to the goal, putting it in your calendar, telling others to keep you accountable…there was always something a bit more pressing.

If you are completely honest with yourself, while you would love to do those daily walks, deep inside you don’t believe it’s THAT important.

There is a strong built-in habit within you that has you convinced that if it is “just for you or about you”, it can wait.

Commitment issues?

Everything I do, I do it with purpose. 

Let me explain to you why I designed my coaching program to be 12 months – 

Simply put: to help you build the muscle of COMMITMENT.

 When you are living with the consequences of lack of commitment, you live with a long list of “wish it was better” and, a lot of “wishes” in general, that you never quite see coming to reality.

Complaining isn’t problem solving…

Stop complaining.

We all think we don’t do it until we realize we totally do it.

I was coaching one of my Being of CEO clients and she was so surprised to realize that what she thought was “communicating her frustrations” was nothing more than plain complaining. 

We spent the session learning together why she was so attached to complaining as a mechanism to deal with her frustrations.

Dear over-doer…This one is for you.

The reason you feel like crap despite the green smoothies, the salads, the motivational podcasts and the positive phrases you read to yourself every day is simple.

You are stressed.

Not the kind of stress that has you yelling at people, feeling rushed,  and intolerant to the smallest of things. Not that kind of stress.

What you have, is the kind of stress that is chronic.

I wrote this for you…

If you are the kind of person hiding behind excuses or, blaming others for not being satisfied with one, some or, all of your questions above….if you never stop to reflect, learn and take action….you really need to promote yourself to the position of CEO of your own life because it is obviously vacant!

Taking full responsibility for our well-being in all areas of our lives is a full time job. The highest paid job, by the way. The job you will never want to quit from. One job worth doing.