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Ready To Reinvent Yourself? Here’s How To Start Today!

Elon Musk once said, “One of the biggest traps is optimizing something that shouldn’t exist.” While he was talking about engineering, this quote resonates deeply with many of us.

We often strive to become “better versions” of ourselves while clinging to outdated habits and mindsets. It simply doesn’t work.

What brought you here, both the good and the bad, isn’t what will take you forward. Let that sink in.

Make it work. Just make it work.

 Over thinkers always end up “making it work” but not without first adding a lot of unnecessary drama and anxiety.

The over thinker is used to living in a state of stress and sleepless nights. It is used to being told that they are worrying too much about something, they are also used to being tired.

The adrenaline that over thinkers produce on a single day could be used to run a full marathon, no questions asked. 

Why Do We Care About Being Judged?

Do you worry about being judged?

In an ideal world, we would all love to answer with a confident; “nope, I don’t give a damn” but reality sits differently, doesn’t it?

In a way we have been conditioned to think about what others would say and think of us since we were young children. I still catch myself telling my son “don’t scream like that at the store, what would others think”…(insert rolling my eyes to myself)

There is nothing wrong with you if you are worried about how others judge you. NOT A THING. This fear is actually primitive. It was born with you and all other humans. It comes from our DNA of survival. 

Divorce Your Past

Divorce your past.

Your mind skips from past to present so fast, you can’t tell whether you are still feeling your past or, fully living the future. Either way, you aren’t present.

Divorcing your past IS POSSIBLE.

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but the reason you are still living the fears of your past as though they were happening now is because you’d rather feel unsafe with familiar feelings than safe with new ones.

Read that again.

When Sh*t Hits the Fan

I want to share with you three of the steps I teach inside Reset your Mindset that can be incredibly helpful to anyone in any situation, but particularly helpful to use when things go wrong.  Enjoy them!

Feel the damn feeling

When 💩 hits the fan, there will be emotions inside your body. Tension, discomfort, whatever “heavy” is for you. Our obvious tendency is to avoid the feeling because it sucks. However, delaying, ignoring or, avoiding our feelings only make them stay longer. It takes 2 minutes to feel a feeling. That is it. When you give yourself those two minutes, you process and open new space. So, take the two minutes and free yourself from the heavy emotion.