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Make it work. Just make it work.

 Over thinkers always end up “making it work” but not without first adding a lot of unnecessary drama and anxiety.

The over thinker is used to living in a state of stress and sleepless nights. It is used to being told that they are worrying too much about something, they are also used to being tired.

The adrenaline that over thinkers produce on a single day could be used to run a full marathon, no questions asked. 

Worry – Your biggest expense

The brain either focuses on creation or destruction. There is a creative energy that is forming amazing experiences and there is the negative energy that is destroying the life of your dreams. How can we master focusing only on creative energy?  There is a faculty of...

How to Invest in Yourself

Why do we have such a hard time deciding to invest in ourselves? I hired a new coach and I’ve got all these thoughts about what it felt like to make this investment. My mind had so many thoughts about why that was a scary move, and why I shouldn’t invest...

The Reason You Don’t See Results

If you’re anything like me, you will have a lot of different goals in life. But what if you don’t meet these goals? In today’s episode, I want to talk about reasons why you don’t see results, specifically in your personal growth journey. If you keep trying to meet...