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How to NOT procrastinate.

Did you know that not all procrastination is bad?

Sometimes, we have to intentionally postpone doing things that can wait, that are not the best use of our time right now. BUT, procrastination is bad only when what we are postponing can actually improve and move forward our life, our goals and our work.

If you are constantly saying things like “I wish I had time for” or, “I have no time for me”, etc… this blog post is for you.

Resistant to new habits?

When you want to create a new habit such as saving money, but your friends, your family and people around you do not have that habit, you can easily continue to have the habit of saving money on a “wish list” that likely you will continue to postpone.

But if everyone around you is a “money saver”, you are far more likely and with a lot less resistance, to start to practice that habit.

Is worry your love language?

Worry is NOT love.

Worrying and love are two different things and one is not a condition to the other. Worry only makes love feel heavier, wouldn’t you agree?

I know we all believe to some degree that love without worry is not love. But that’s just a myth, that keeps us hooked to worry. Think about it, love with worry makes you be controlling. It takes away so much ENERGY and TRUST from you and from the ones you are worrying about.

What real self-care looks like

What is self-care?

Self-care is not always what we think it is. Sure, bubble baths, wine with friends and a day at the spa are fun, relaxing ways to fill up our cups. But they are not efficient, long-term solutions to a nervous system that is in override. 

Self-care has to do two things for you: Give the brain a break and give the nervous system time to process and recalibrate. RESET.