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Adding “weight loss” to the benefits of my coaching.

The last few weeks, when concluding our private coaching calls, I’ve heard my clients say things like; “I feel 50 pounds lighter” or, “I feel so light and happy” that it made me think I needed to add “weight loss” to the benefits of my programs.

The weight my clients lose transcends the numbers on a scale and delves into the realm of emotional well-being.

Imagine a weight loss that makes your mind feel clear, your chest light, and your life filled with genuine happiness. Intrigued?

Be the CEO, what you need to know

The doors to my most comprehensive coaching program are about to open up, and I want you to be as ready as you can, to apply should you decide to join me.

What will you gain in those six months?

The goal of this program is to create a community where women can come together, support each other, and collectively gain valuable knowledge that empowers them, fosters self-awareness, identifies their driving forces, and nurtures a growth mindset.

Coaching or therapy? What’s best for you now?

I always assume, everyone understands the difference between coaching and therapy until someone asks me and everyone in the room says, they had the same question.

I’m here to shine some light on the main difference between the two practices and to encourage you to do both (if needed). As they are equally important depending on what your needs are.

How to NOT procrastinate.

Did you know that not all procrastination is bad?

Sometimes, we have to intentionally postpone doing things that can wait, that are not the best use of our time right now. BUT, procrastination is bad only when what we are postponing can actually improve and move forward our life, our goals and our work.

If you are constantly saying things like “I wish I had time for” or, “I have no time for me”, etc… this blog post is for you.

Resistant to new habits?

When you want to create a new habit such as saving money, but your friends, your family and people around you do not have that habit, you can easily continue to have the habit of saving money on a “wish list” that likely you will continue to postpone.

But if everyone around you is a “money saver”, you are far more likely and with a lot less resistance, to start to practice that habit.