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Breaking patterns.

Can you recognize your own patterns?

I have been fascinated by patterns for a while now. 

When you are able to see the same situations play over and over again in your own life, and you wonder; why is it that life sends me the same story time after time?

“I always end up with a boss that has no boundaries” or, “My partners always take me for granted” or, “Every time this happens, I feel anxious”.

It’s like no matter where you go, there you are.

I had to write this before a date with my husband…

When would you rather work on things? (business, marriage, health, finances, etc…) when it’s “sunny” or in the middle of a storm?

I know the answer for me was not the storm.

I know I want to work on things while it’s sunny so that when the storm comes, I’ve got plenty of energy, resources and vitality to ride the waves of the storm.

I also know working on things while it’s sunny is fun, light and easier.

Commitment issues?

Everything I do, I do it with purpose. 

Let me explain to you why I designed my coaching program to be 12 months – 

Simply put: to help you build the muscle of COMMITMENT.

 When you are living with the consequences of lack of commitment, you live with a long list of “wish it was better” and, a lot of “wishes” in general, that you never quite see coming to reality.

A balanced life audit

What tells you that you are off balance? We tend to think we are out of balance when we are about to make sudden changes in our lives, for instance being a businesswoman to becoming a mother. We fear that we might fail to do both and have a balanced life while...