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Is worry your love language?

Worry is NOT love.

Worrying and love are two different things and one is not a condition to the other. Worry only makes love feel heavier, wouldn’t you agree?

I know we all believe to some degree that love without worry is not love. But that’s just a myth, that keeps us hooked to worry. Think about it, love with worry makes you be controlling. It takes away so much ENERGY and TRUST from you and from the ones you are worrying about.

What real self-care looks like

What is self-care?

Self-care is not always what we think it is. Sure, bubble baths, wine with friends and a day at the spa are fun, relaxing ways to fill up our cups. But they are not efficient, long-term solutions to a nervous system that is in override. 

Self-care has to do two things for you: Give the brain a break and give the nervous system time to process and recalibrate. RESET.

What drained my energy last year…and what I’m doing about it.

I’m craving connection and presence. To myself, to my life, to the things I do – without distractions– to meet the eyes of my son when he desperately wants my attention, and to notice spontaneous beautiful things that are happening right in front of me… but that the screen in front of my face doesn’t let me see…

Permission to go first.

Started going for walks, and then got too busy to continue?

Despite your best intentions of keeping to the goal, putting it in your calendar, telling others to keep you accountable…there was always something a bit more pressing.

If you are completely honest with yourself, while you would love to do those daily walks, deep inside you don’t believe it’s THAT important.

There is a strong built-in habit within you that has you convinced that if it is “just for you or about you”, it can wait.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Have you been wondering how to overcome anxiety? Anxious thoughts, fears, and worries invade the lives of many people on a daily basis. Chances are they’ve invaded your life as well.   Anxiety is often a result of fears that you may have about uncertain...