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Why do therapists hate life coaches?

Dispelling Misconceptions: Why Therapists Don’t ‘Hate’ Life Coaches -And How They Can Complement Each Other.   In the world of personal development and self-improvement, the roles of therapists and life coaches are often misunderstood, leading...

Breaking the Habit of Limiting Your Happiness

I’ve been reflecting on what might be holding you back from saying YES to group coaching.

Perhaps it’s the group component of the program. The idea of sharing emotions or intimate thoughts with others might make you feel vulnerable. You value strength, and seeking help without seeming vulnerable.

But here’s a perspective shift: Vulnerability is a form of strength.

Lightening the Load of Self-Work (Who Knew It Could Be This Fun?)

Let’s play a game! 🎲

Imagine a life where you feel like you’re on a non-stop vacation. Sounds dreamy? That’s because it is!

Now, tell me, how much do you wish to banish the little overthinker in your mind? Rate it from 1-10… Did you just yell, “20!” at your screen? High-five! 🖐

But wait, are you as amped up to do the nitty-gritty to kick overthinking to the curb? Aha! Gotcha there! But don’t worry, that’s where I sprinkle in my magic (or, let’s say, expert coaching tactics).

Unmasking Anxiety: The Silent Enemy of Your Success

Let’s talk to you about a prevalent but often overlooked obstacle that might be hindering your full potential: anxiety.

For many high-achieving women like yourself, anxiety can subtly creep into our lives, causing restlessness, sleepless nights, and a constant sense of dread. It’s this silent enemy that can chip away at our confidence, self-belief, and eventually, our success. But the first step to overcoming it is acknowledging and understanding its presence.

Do I need coaching?

You may have the question in mind: “Do need coaching?”

Sometimes we think coaching is like therapy and that we must have a problem in order to need it.

It’s a valid concern, and I appreciate your desire to assess your needs and make informed decisions about your personal growth and well-being…BUT….

Let me remind you that while therapy is for those who need it, coaching is for those who want it.

Adding “weight loss” to the benefits of my coaching.

The last few weeks, when concluding our private coaching calls, I’ve heard my clients say things like; “I feel 50 pounds lighter” or, “I feel so light and happy” that it made me think I needed to add “weight loss” to the benefits of my programs.

The weight my clients lose transcends the numbers on a scale and delves into the realm of emotional well-being.

Imagine a weight loss that makes your mind feel clear, your chest light, and your life filled with genuine happiness. Intrigued?

Announcing the Second Group of “Be the CEO of Your Own Life” Program for High-Achieving Women!

I’m excited to share some incredible news with you. Due to the incredible transformations witnessed in the current group of “Be the CEO of Your Own Life” program, I am thrilled to announce the launch of the second group!

If you’re a high-achieving woman who excels in many areas of your life but often finds yourself overwhelmed, overthinking, and doing too much at the expense of your own well-being, this program is specifically designed for you.