Sometimes our worst enemy can be found within us… There’s an inner dialogue in our minds that can either empower us or weaken us. And sometimes these mean thoughts win over us. 


Chelsea Connors has been here before. She’s a former therapist, and a life coach. And today I have invited her to have a conversation about inner dialogue, inner talk, and how to have a conversation with the child in you.

In this episode, Chelsea and I will talk about how we can eliminate that mean inner voice that debilitates us. How to recognize, be self-aware, and finally change our inner dialogue to be the best version of ourselves. Also, how doing inner child work can heal you and eventually resolve learning to love yourself in the end. Your mindset is your power, and changing your inner dialogue is the first way to do that.

In this episode:

[01:47] Chelsea gives a background of what she does.

[04:07] Not many people are aware that their inner voice is something that they can work with.

[04:45] Recognize that listening to your inner voice is a skill that needs practice and your capacity to understand the way that you talk to yourself develops overtime.

[06:08] Recognize your observing self, then make an informed decision from what your observing self saw. 

[08:47] Sometimes self awareness is our greatest asset and and sometimes it can also be our greatest weakness.

[09:21] Once you’re aware of your inner dialogue, pause for a minute and get curious about it from a non judgmental place. Instead of feeling shame, ask yourself helpful questions.

[13:22] The information that you gathered during the first steps is going to help you make a more informed decision next.

[15:15] Inner child work is both the acknowledgement, and then the re-parenting to be able to shape and change that experience, and tending to yourself with love along the way.

[20:05] You can do some inner child work by writing out a conversation with your adult self and younger self.

[24:45] Being able to use different forms of expression, like movement or visualization can be therapeutic.

[27:11] Everyone has a different way of coping, what’s important is to allow yourself to feel and to have fun. Think about what younger version might do.

[34:17] Addressing our inner voice is truly important because we tend to be hard and judgmental towards ourselves at times and it impacts how we show up in the world.

[37:36] There’s no right or wrong, there’s not only one way, mental wellness or personal development work means finding the pathways that work the best for you.

[40:29] It is valuable to have somebody professional or a coach to work with, to guide you and support you on your journey especially when it gets uncomfortable.

About Chelsea Connors

Chelsea Connors is a Certified Coach and Former Therapist who supports people in releasing anxiety, self doubt and emotional health utilizing holistic mental health coaching practices.

Chelsea currently supports clients through her core coaching program, Foundations of You, that helps you develop the foundations of who you are, who you want to be and developing emotional well-being. She also works privately with clients and runs her membership, The Practice.

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