Life Coaching

How can we cultivate happier lives? Whether you stop to ask yourself this or not, this is an unspoken desire in everyone’s heart. WE ALL WANT TO BE HAPPIER.

Well, I would love to offer you these five concepts today, I look at them as “five vows” that when made to oneself will without a doubt, increase your happiness.

So here they are (read them out loud as if you were for really making a vow):

I will add resting to my to-do list.

Plain and simple. But how often are we actually taking time to rest? This is a scheduled time to unplug and to re-calibrate. It does not always include a nap, but a change of activity and putting your mind and body to something that feels restful to you.

I will find love everywhere.

In the monotony of life, we can find ourselves often getting lost in the things that aren’t good and that aren’t working well. But what if you were to open your eyes with the intention to find the beauty in life? The miracles, the small and yet amazing things? Anything from an older couple holding hands, to a little bird nesting, look around with the intention to find and see love everywhere.

I will be selfish (self-full).

What if instead of thinking constantly about how to put yourself last, you begin to grove yourself permission to be important, to be a priority? Make it a habit to make yourself be full! Fill up your cup every day— First— and then if you have time, energy and desire, look after others.

I will not compare myself to others.

Remember the last time you compared yourself to someone else? How did that feel? Let me take a wild guess…not amazing, right? I think this vow needs little explanation. Each time we go into comparison we also go into a feeling of scarcity and of not being enough. Since you are enough and the universe is abundant, we really need to ditch comparison. END OF DISCUSSION.

Lastly, I will meditate.

If you are not a fan of meditation or deep breathing, take on some yoga classes or pray. Those are alternatives to meditation and have the same effect on your mind- a disciplined mind stays free of mental drama and anxiety. In order to continue to cultivate a happy mind, I highly suggest that you consider taking on an activity that focuses the mind in the present moment. Meditation and yoga are among my favourite mind-discipline activities.


Well, friends, I hope this email finds you well and that you put some or all of these vows to good use.