Is codependency healthy or is it detrimental in a relationship? Does it make you the real you, without having to seek approval or validation to move forward? 

I like my actions to be affirmed by my partner but I do not want him to overstep. This statement somehow identifies us in a relationship. Finding  that thin line of good reliance on people versus codependence can be difficult and complicated. How do we draw the line?

Join me today in embracing our true selves with Chelsea Connors.

In this episode:

[2:48] The hardest part of being human

[6:42] What is codependency? Why does it complicate our relationships?

[8:44] No matter how complicated the relationship is, keep your self love intact.

[13:19] What is the line between codependency and pleasing people?  Are you betraying yourself in order to show up or please somebody else?

[15:04] I want people to normalize understanding their needs and be vocal about it.

[18:51]  Nothing is more heavy work than ignoring yourself.

[21:05] In a relationship, it is important to have regular conversations of what you want as individuals and as a couple.

[30:05] Creating a level of conflict, when one is not fulfilling the other.

[31:40] Why your partner cannot take on all the different roles you need in your life.

[36:45] Nobody is half, everyone is complete on their own.

[52:51] It’s all about not making somebody’s light or strength mean anything about ours.

[55:05] The importance of vocalizing your needs.

[1:06:54] Connect with Chelsea on Instagram and Youtube.

About Chelsea

Chelsea Connors is a traditional psycho therapist and  life coach. She is dedicated to supporting young adults with their emotional ups and downs. 

In this interview, Chelsea  will enlighten us with understanding how to navigate it from an emotional and mental health perspective. Her goal  is to make things that we all go through at one point or another that are deeply complex feel okay to talk about.

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Thank you for tuning in! Remember to create healthy boundaries within a relationship, break some of the tendencies of codependency and live happily with a purpose.

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