Urban Winter Retreat

Urban Winter Retreat

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February 23rd | 10AM - 4PM

The Urban Retreat is inspired by the study of how lifestyle choices can impact happiness. During this one day retreat, you will learn to integrate mindfulness, movement and nutrition to create meaningful change. You will learn supportive practices that you can deepen in your everyday. Nutritious and savoury meals coupled with a beautiful space round out the experience. 

The purpose of the Urban Retreat is two-fold. The first purpose of the retreat is to give your a break from your daily hustle and to leave your feeling rested, refreshed and energized. The second purpose is to teach you how to integrate mindfulness, movement and nutrition to achieve mental clarity, better sleep, a sense of calm and a more positive outlook. New practices are taught by providing you with the opportunity to experience how they make you feel. 

The experience includes:

  • A yoga session to open the body, release tension and activate free flowing energy.
  • Powerful pranayama breathing to purify and calm.
  • Guided deep relaxation and meditation to release tension, bringing restoration to the body and clarity to the mind.
  • Free time with your choice of doing a variety of self nurturing activities or do nothing.
  • Nutritious and savoury lunch & snacks to soothe the body. 
  • Exploration of the main mindfulness teachings. 
  • Tea sipping while listening to inspiring stories. 

Location: TBD