Everything I do, I do it with purpose.

Let me explain to you why I designed my coaching program to be 12 months.

Simply put: to help you build the muscle of COMMITMENT.

When you are living with the consequences of lack of commitment, you live with a long list of “wish it was better” and, a lot of “wishes” in general, that you never quite see coming to reality.


BECAUSE you don’t have the skill of commitment. You quit before you get the rewards.

A while back, I heard in a podcast that 20 min of sauna exposure was incredibly healthy for the heart, the muscles, the mood and even the hormones.

So as soon as I noticed that my gym had one, I started going on a daily basis for 20 min.

Every day feels different in the sauna, but the one thing that seems to be pretty persistent is how my brain wants me to quit the closer I get to the 20 min mark (which is when the benefits kick in).

This feeling really intensifies when I’ve done most of the work and I only have 1-2 minutes left.

My brain wants me to call it a day: “You almost did it, just leave now”- Every day, I catch myself standing up, holding onto the door knob and taking a deep inhale while sitting my butt right down.


Because I know that if I leave before the time of the reward, I will be exercising my “quitting” muscle. 

Instead, I choose to exercise my commitment muscle. 

Commitment only gets to be fortified by staying on task UNTIL the task is done.

When you set goals for yourself and there is no accountability partner, you are less likely to exercise commitment.

I have designed my program to help my clients get into the discipline of commitment.

I know that most of you ( and me- in the sauna) want to quit when it gets hard. But that’s especially when you need to re-commit and re-engage. 

When coaching is 3 to 6 months long, you are just getting started to change the old stubborn habits of the mind.

Past six months is when it actually gets hard and you may be tempted to quit.

But if you have the right supports around you (me and the group of peers) you don’t have a choice but to keep committing.

That my friend is how the commitment muscle begins to grow in you.

Imagine for a moment, what would be different in your life, if you had a super strong commitment muscle?
Would you love that?

If so, book a consult call with me today, let’s get you out of the old quitting patterns.

While the program won’t start until January 13th, we are closing registration on December 16th. So, wait no longer, come join us.

Give yourself permission to be 100% committed.

Love, Olga