We have all been the person who thinks; “if only I apply a little more worry, a little more micro-managing and supervision, then the outcome we want will be inevitable”. I enjoy working with Type A, overachiever women because it reminds me of some of the early mindset work I’ve had to do to get out of my controlling tendencies.

Especially, when we have experienced unexpected, difficult circumstances, we create a thought that gives us the illusion that somehow, we can control every outcome and live a life of zero or little unknowns.

Life is full of surprises, the future is not known and we waste lots of our vital energy in control mode attempting to avoid outcomes we don’t want.

In this episode, I will share with you why we turn to “controlling mode”, how it negatively affects our nervous system, our happiness, and even our relationships, and I will teach you how to change the need to control, for the ability to trust.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How control equates to trust
  • How trauma and survival thinking can lead to control
  • Why it feels unsafe for us to trust and lose control

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