I am about to start coaching the new cohort of Becoming the CEO of Your Own Life, which is my 12 month coaching program. And one of the first things that I get the group to get focused on is building a solid morning routine.

The reason for it is because when I look back, I went through anxiety, stress, and had struggles with my overall health. And the common denominator is neglecting myself when it comes to self care. I was the last person on the list of people I care about. And that’s what brought me to a morning routine.

In this episode, I want to talk to you about implementing and creating a morning routine that doesn’t take three hours. It is so important that we start the new year with a fresh start. And think about what things we need to start doing and things we need to stop doing. Our end goal is that after listening to this episode, you will be inspired to begin your own morning routine.

It Increases Your Productivity

It has been proven that a morning routine has benefits. First, it prepares you for the rest of the day and you feel ready to take it on. It increases your productivity. You are less likely to waste time throughout the day, you will worry less, and you feel in control of your goals.

It Helps You Develop Healthy Habits

I have noticed that as I start a morning routine, I get to practice mindfulness and meditation. My stress is lowered, therefore I have better relationships with my loved ones. And because I get to focus on my health in the morning, I am more present for my family. 

Your Confidence Is Improved And You Learn To Be Flexible

I’ve read that a lot of successful men and women have a morning routine. They practice being mindful and meditation and it helps them to go about their days. You get to be confident and learn to be flexible in what you will be facing during the day. Morning routines might be different for everybody, and a variety of activities depending on what your intuition tells you can make your morning routine more fun, exciting, and refreshing.

How Having A Morning Routine Helped Me

The first thing I noticed by having a morning routine is that it energized me, it really boosted my energy and my mood. K started dedicating just 20 minutes until it became an hour. It has become less of an effort getting up because I loved what I was doing. I also noticed that whether it was just 5 minutes or an hour, it really helped my mood whenever I got to finish my morning routine. And even if I had a terrible night before or a good night, I was still equally excited and energized to start the day. That has been the biggest thing for me and my mood. It helped me manage my anxiety.

Another thing I noticed was my mind was calm, it found moments of being grounded. And the anxiety was less prevalent, and less consuming of my day to day. It gave me more energy and it helped me stabilize my mood. Not only in combating anxiety, but I was actually in a happy, and powerful mood. Following that routine I’d listen to happy music and it lifts me even more. The result is with my energy, my family feels that and they get to match my energy. The house is calm, peaceful, and connected.

The third thing I found out is it really disciplines the mind. When I started having a morning routine with a lot of consistency, I began to notice that my brain became so disciplined. It no longer gets easily distracted, doesn’t worry, and it was just calm. I had more control over my thoughts and emotions when I started my morning routine.

It gave me the opportunity to take care of myself before I took care of others. As a mom, we always give our full attention and being to our kids and our husbands. And it leaves us overwhelmed and exhausted. Having a routine might look like an added chore but it’s actually a chance for us to spend time with ourselves and have our me time. Leave your excuses behind and start taking care of yourself before you take care of others.

Lastly, I became an example to others on how to care for myself. No matter if you’re a mom, or if you’re not a mom, you’re still a leader. You can set an example for the people around you. Make it your goal to influence others, this will make a huge change not only in your life but the life of others.

How Do You Start?

The key here is to begin to notice what obstacles you have and how you can solve them. If you’ve got too many things to do for your family and to yourself in the mornings, what can you do the night before that will open space for you in the morning? Work around your schedule, have the intention to start and really commit to it. So try it, find what works for you, find what makes you get up in the morning. And I promise you it will change your life. Begin, and do it consistently.

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