Four years ago, recently divorced Sara Roundpoint moved to a new city with her kids. And while in her quest to find herself, she found Olga.

From therapy to coaching, Sara has grown tremendously. She remained resilient all throughout her ex-husband’s tragic accident. And despite her fears, she was able to become strong for the sake of her children. Now, she has a promising career, a happy life with her kids, and a home to call their own.

In this episode, Sara shares her journey of self-discovery, being a single mom and resilience amidst life’s struggles. With the help of coaching and her commitment, Sara changed the course of her destiny. Together with her children, she triumphed over fear and dared to be enough.

I enjoy my fear, because it makes me look at my fear, and I surpass it. – Sara

In this episode:

[3:40] Sara introduces herself.

[5:35] Moving to a new city, divorced, with just her kids and finding Olga as her coach.

[6:09] Sara put in the effort to attend therapy with Olga despite her circumstances.

[7:48] Losing her ex-husband to a tragic work accident three years ago made a huge impact in her life.

[11:22] Sara went through a difficult process losing her ex-husband, but through the support of people around her, she and her kids were able to get past it.

[12:38] Her biggest mindset change was being enough and setting boundaries.

[14:36] Discovering the root cause of her limiting belief helped Sara to heal and move forward.

[16:36] Intergenerational trauma is a real thing.

[17:17] I like the person I’m becoming with coaching. – Sara

[19:27] Winning over her limiting belief, and gifting her kids with their own home.

[22:06] Surprising her kids on Christmas morning.

[25:16] Visualizing your goal attracts reality.

[26:30] Once you understand and accept and believe in yourself, your confidence will grow and help create new opportunities.

[28:31] What keeps her motivated is her kids, but what keeps her accountable is her group coaching with Olga.

[30:09] Coaching helps navigate and shift your perspective.

[31:00] Reinvesting in herself allowed Sara to become a better parent.

[32:19] Coaching got Sara to where she is now faster.

[34:06] One on one coaching brings forth accountability and group coaching brings inspiration and learning from each other’s journey. 

[35:44] Creating friendships in group coaching. 

[37:02] I enjoy my fear, because it makes me look at my fear, and I surpass it. – Sara

[38:38] To the single moms: Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re doing a great job and your kids love you.

About Sara Roundpoint

Sara Roundpoint is Mohawk and a proud member of the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory. Her knowledge brings strong support to the Corporate Office, supporting the President and CEO of an Indigenous non-profit organization. She’s grateful to have the opportunity to work with different Indigenous communities and organizations, having the ability to learn and grow, with the intention to one day bring her knowledge and skill set back to her home community. Sara is a mom, creating roots in a new city and learning mindful tools to balance her career, being a sports mama, furthering her education, and still making time for herself. 

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