The reason you feel like crap despite the green smoothies, the salads, the motivational podcasts and the positive phrases you read to yourself every day is simple.

You are stressed.

Not the kind of stress that has you yelling at people, feeling rushed,  and intolerant to the smallest of things. Not that kind of stress.

What you have, is the kind of stress that is chronic.

The one that produces constant inflammation in the body, drains your energy, even after a good night’s sleep and gives you a foggy brain. The one that has you gaining extra pounds no matter how much you move, and keeps telling you to “do more” to feel better.

That chronic stress won’t heal with good food and positivity. 

Your nervous system is complex but funny enough, it doesn’t need anything too complicated to recalibrate and reset.

Being is about taking time to practice the art of none-doing. It requires you to think of it as a priority. 

Nothing can be in a permanent state of “go, go, go”. Not even you, superwoman!

The moment you normalize taking time to rest, asking for help, delegating and breathing, your chronic stress will begin to dissipate. 

The symptoms that now seem “normal” to you, or that you have attributed to “getting older” will clear up and you will begin to notice that it wasn’t so normal or age-related after all. 

 You can continue to get distracted with solutions that address the body but until you also include the mind, you will not see the results that you want: More energy, mental clarity, taking breaks for yourself without guilt and confidence.

Your bigger stressor is your mind. Your thoughts. 

Your thoughts can normalize things like taking a day off work for no other reason than to rest or, it can make that same action feel lazy and unproductive.

Managing your mind helps you manage your nervous system and lower your chronic stress. 

This takes time, technique and support. All of which are offered extensively inside Being the CEO of your own life, 12-months coaching program.

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