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Did you have a blah January?

I for sure did!

Coming down from the IVF hormones, getting my head around the unsuccessful result, growing my team of coaches, being away from home and, starting a deep and long detox of my body has all contributed to feeling a little blah this month.

How was it for you?

I realized that despite how great my awareness is about “why” I am feeling the way I am, that understanding alone does not change the feeling itself.

But it has offered me compassion.

Do you ever find yourself trying to “fix” your feeling of “blah”?

I get you if you have! It’s in our nature to problem solve.

But here is the thing I have been reflecting on…feelings are not a problem, therefore, they are not something we need to fix, but something we need to feel.

I am a HUGE proponent of “don’t ask why”, but do ask; Now What?

Asking “why and I feeling this way” puts you on the defensive. You begin to justify or obsessively try to come up with a good enough explanation to stop your feelings, realizing nothing works.


Asking “Now what?”, brings your brain to possibilities. You start thinking “ok, now that I feel this way, what can I do?” This makes your problem solve for what can be resolved, allowing you to process your current emotion and eventually move on. Give it a try!

ps: This month. I am starting a 30 day challenge on Instagram to lower anxiety, Every day for 30 days I will post a video with a tip on how to overcome anxiety. Join us by following along, liking the posts, telling me how the tip worked for you and sharing the videos!

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XO, Olga