divorce your past

Divorce your past.

Your mind skips from past to present so fast, you can’t tell whether you are still feeling your past or, fully living the future. Either way, you aren’t present.

Divorcing your past IS POSSIBLE.

I know it’s a hard pill to swallow but the reason you are still living the fears of your past as though they were happening now is because you’d rather feel unsafe with familiar feelings than safe with new ones.

Read that again.

I am about to drop you some truth that it is hard to admit to, but once you do, BOOM! You can successfully divorce your past.

You have fallen in love with your mental drama and as much as you say you want it gone, you are so attached to it, that you can’t imagine your life without it. You are married to it.

You have been so busy telling the narrative of your past as this very unfortunate event that changed you for the worst, that divided your life into two; “the before and after the event”. That you haven’t noticed life has moved on, but you stayed behind.

Every time you tell THAT story, you believe THOSE thoughts, you are staying married to it.

You say and think that you no longer want to live in the past.

You look for a saviour, whether that’s a new partner, a therapist, a YouTube video, or a glass of wine, anything that gives you the solution to finally stop being married to the past…

You find those things or people helpful for some time, but eventually, your lovely brain goes back to its attachment to the drama. The old narrative that keeps you attached to your past, keeps you a victim of the circumstances and the people in it.

You grow powerless. You think your past is holding you back.

What you haven’t tried yet, is changing your narrative. Divorcing your past as you remember it, and re-writing your story. 

Inside Reset your Mindset, we have all the teaching tools to help you gain control over your mind, thinking and emotions in a way that once and for all you can divorce your old ways of thinking, your past, whatever is holding you back- so that you may truly, RESET. Start all over again with new patterns of thought, new perspectives, new solutions.

Sign up and show up and divorce your past.

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You in?

Love, Olga