A New GROUP of Reset your Mindset is about to start! May 12-July 28

In case you are new, here is a little summary of what RYM is all about!

A 12-week intimate group program to help you uncover the root cause of your limiting beliefs and it gives you the tools to live life intentionally and confidently.



Here is your opportunity to do so in a short period of time. You will receive weekly lessons through video, weekly support through live Zoom calls and this time around, I am giving participants lifetime access to my Detox the Mind course. A course that emphasizes on creating new neurological connections to create happier, healthier minds and habits.

Reset your Mindset focuses primarily on three major shifts:

  • No longer living life on auto-pilot – Awareness.
  • No longer people pleasing or prioritizing everyone to the expense of your own well-being- Boundaries.
  • No longer listening to the mean inner voice and stopping yourself from making progress- Confidence.

Why do mindset/life coaching?

Because a strong mindset allows you to:

  • Make decisions with ease
  • Set clear boundaries without drama
  • Stop the hamster wheel
  • Switch your mean inner voice for confidence
  • Let go of unattainable expectations
  • Be at ease with who you are

Whereas a mindset full of limiting beliefs can feel like:

  • A constant list of comparison to others
  • Overwhelming/worrisome
  • Overthinking every step you take
  • Prioritizing everything but yourself
  • Feeling disconnected

The Details: The group is intimate (few spots available), We meet every Friday at 10 am EST- for 12 consecutive weeks. Every week you also have access to a new mindset video and every week you get a pdf journal.

Bonus: Immediate lifetime access to ALL my online courses.

Reset Your Mindset

Investment: $2000 CAN.

Registration is NOW open!

XO, Olga