As a woman, wearing beautiful clothes brings out that radiant confidence in you. It is also a way to express yourself and tell people who you are without even saying a word.

However, a woman also goes through a lot of seasons in her life. Transitions happen and it changes you. As you change, your preferences in clothing do so too.

In this episode, Kym Fregoso, fashion stylist, takes dressing up to a whole new level. Equipped with her experience and knowledge, she dedicated her program to helping women find their confidence through the clothes they wear.

Wherever you are in life, there are always the right clothes for you. It’s not what you wear, but how you wear it. Clothe with confidence, and find yourself in the process.

In this episode:

[2:47] Kym talks about who she is and what she does as a fashion stylist.

[6:06] As a stylist, Kym explains that wherever you are in your life, as a woman you should express yourself through clothes. 

[7:34] People often assume what we’re doing or where we’re going by the clothes we wear. Kym focuses on how one can see themself, separate from others perspective.

[10:50] Dressing someone can be done by separating certain areas in their life. Clothes for professional life and clothes for personal life. It’s all about knowing all these, and tying that into their wardrobe.

[12:26] Exercises such as knowing your personality and values also affect how you dress.

[13:20] In choosing clothes, you need to ask yourself – Who are you? Knowing who you are is reflected in the clothes you wear.

[14:58] For a new client, Kym starts off by giving the client an exercise. They have to give three words that describe who they are, from there they get to put together an outfit.

[15:44] Next step is decluttering, letting go of the clothes you no longer need or use and keeping those that are still meaningful.

[18:41] After decluttering, you get to see the clothes you still want. You then have to narrow it down more, basing it from the question – Does it still fit you? Does it still serve you? Do you still need it?

[20:46] After all the narrowing down, that’s when you consider your body type.

[22:09] Kym breaks down the different body types…

[32:10] The moment you make changes, even the slightest change can affect how you see yourself. You begin to see yourself again, and see your worth.

[32:53] Olga talks about her own journey. How her body changed after giving birth and the struggles that came with her confidence and how she dressed.

[37:44] After identifying your body type, you get to prepare for shopping. The last step in the dress for confidence program.

[38:28] Finding out skin tone by identifying if either gold or silver looks good on a person.

[39:02] Kym gives a more detailed explanation about the color spectrum. 

[40:06] Kym tells Olga how she identified blue as a good color for her. And because they knew each other, Kym was able to feel the energy or aura that Olga has.

[40:47] Blue is a calming color… that matches Olga’s personality.

[43:33] A few more colors and their meanings

[45:06] A tip that listeners can do at home to find their right skin tone.

[48:10] When you go shopping for clothes, be prepared. Know your measurement, know what you want and need. Shop with intentionality.

[48:31] Don’t allow yourself to be overly consumed with what you see people are wearing on social media. 

[49:11] Do your homework, check the stores you want to go to and see if the clothes they sell match you.

[51:33] If there are clothes you really like, and they don’t match the criteria. Make it work. You can tweak or make changes in the cloth that can finally match you and what you need.

[53:17] This kind of journey is not an overnight change. Most of the time it takes baby steps, slowly changing along the way until the day you get back your confidence.

About Kym Fregoso

Kym’s love for fashion began when she was just 19. She opened a boutique, and since then fashion has been a huge part of her life and career. Today, she’s on a mission to share her  love of fashion through the life-changing power of style.

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