Some of us wait all year for summer, all week for Friday and all of our lives for happiness. When we place expectations with happiness being somewhere else than here, often we end up disappointed when we actually get to that “desired” future all to find out that we still feel the same. A wise mindfulness teacher once said; “wherever you go, there you are”.

Happiness is where you are. No matter the circumstances. We can escape the moment but we cannot escape ourselves.


Now that summer is coming to an end, what will you do? How can you carry forward the energy of the sunshine months into the fall and winter? Has your mind already shifted and began to predict a long hard winter ahead?

I want to invite you to end this season intentionally and to enter the new one declaring what you want to experience.

Take a moment to answer these questions in your journal to reflect and declare!

1) What are you most thankful for this past summer?

2) How would you describe what you are feeling about yourself and your life right now?

3) What part of you is sad about the season that ends?

4) What part of you will need extra support and love in the upcoming months?

5) How can you provide those supports? (Brainstorm all the ideas)

6) At the end of the next season, how would you like to feel? Write down exactly all the emotions you would like to have towards the end of winter.


7) What would it take for you to feel that way?

8) What are some empowered actions you can start taking today, to ensure you feel that way?

9) What will be your biggest obstacle to get there? How can you overcome it?

10) Lastly, write in the present tense, a list of declarations that you make today about the months to come. EX: I declare to have several months of mental happiness. I declare to have a positive mindset even on the coolest of days…. You get the idea right?