Ever catch yourself worrying about what others think of you? Sure, in an ideal world, we’d all say, “I don’t care,” but let’s get real for a sec.

From childhood, we’re programmed to seek approval. I even catch myself telling my son, “Don’t make a scene, what will people think?” Sound familiar?

🌟 Why You Fear Being Judged:

  • It’s Primitive: The fear of judgment taps into our survival instincts. Ever notice how babies cry urgently to get attention? That’s the primitive part of your brain saying, “If I’m rejected, I might not survive.”


  • Looking for Validation: As adults, seeking approval is often coded language for fearing abandonment. But here’s the kicker— you’re no longer a helpless baby.

🌟 Here’s How to Move Past It:

  • Acknowledge the Fear: It’s normal, it’s human. Own it.


  • Reframe Your Perspective: You’re fully capable of handling your own well-being. Remind your brain that rejection or abandonment is not a life-or-death scenario.


  • Embrace Discomfort: Rejection might sting, but you can choose to surround yourself with people who love you for you.

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