CEO Coaching program

Ever feel paralyzed when making decisions? Despite taking a breather, chatting with friends, and seeking advice, you still feel stuck. Why?


Your brain is wired for self-preservation. The moment you’re unsure, it signals your nervous system to back off or shut down, leading to that all-too-familiar “HELP, I’M BLOCKED!” feeling.


Here’s a strategy to break free:

  • Recognize the Block: Understand that this is your body’s fight-or-flight response kicking in. Allow yourself to feel it.


  • Normalize the Feeling: Once you acknowledge the sensation, your nervous system starts to relax.


  • Use ‘Think Again’: This is a key step from my “Reset Your Mindset” formula. Add clarity to what’s really happening versus what you fear might happen. Clarify your goal and ask yourself, “How can this work?” Your brain will open up to possibilities once it’s relaxed.


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