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It’s true, the New Year is just another date we’ve collectively agreed to mark as significant. But isn’t it fascinating how it can stir up such a whirlwind of emotions? While some are electrified by the possibilities, others might feel a sense of indifference or even pressure.

But here’s the thing: it’s perfectly fine to not be riding the wave of New Year euphoria. Feeling a bit off as the year kicks off?That’s okay. Your current state doesn’t dictate the rest of your year.

Whenever I find myself in a fog, I seek quiet moments to sit with my inner wisdom. Recently, I’ve been embracing my own moments of feeling ‘not okay’ – and that’s okay. There’s no rush to fix these feelings. Instead, I’m learning to accept them, knowing they’ll ebb away in time.

During these moments of ‘not okeyness’ (yes, I made up a word!), I’m also quietly laying the groundwork for brighter days ahead. It’s a time for thoughtful reflection on personal growth, business ambitions, relationship nurturing, and health and fitness aspirations. While it might not be the moment to leap into action, it is an ideal time for planning and preparation.

Regardless of your current mood, remember this: you can simultaneously nurture the seeds of your future.

Ask yourself:

Where do you want to be in 12 weeks? How will you get there? What support do you need?

Crafting a plan brings clarity, and clarity is a game-changer.

So, are you ready to step off the sidelines? Join me this Saturday for a three-hour virtual retreat.

Let’s map out your next 12 weeks together. Whether you’re feeling a bit down or bursting with motivation, this retreat promises to be a rejuvenating and life-affirming experience.


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Your future is waiting.


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