Christina Wirch had her home day care closed due to the global pandemic. Divorced, broke and suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, she sought the help of Olga. 

Through coaching and self-determination she was able to rise above her circumstances. Now, she is sought after for being a successful lead generation and engagement expert, consistently earning $10,000 a month. From a point of losing herself, she slowly found her way to healing, happiness, and freedom. 

Her journey is a testament of commitment, perseverance, and how powerful a mindset can change someone’s life.

In this episode:

[4:31] Christina lost her home daycare when COVID happened.

[6:41] She signed up for Olga’s Detox program to address her anxiety.

[8:50] Doubts and fear crippled her over working outside of her home after becoming a mother.

[10:47] Her responsibilities as a single mom disabled her from working out of their home.

[11:26] She looked into other options and pursued being a virtual assistant.

[14:50] Christina invested in a business coach but didn’t do enough research about it.

[15:32] Terrified she will fail.

[16:03] She decided to go all in and pursue virtual assistance. 

[17:32] July 2020, she started building her website for her virtual assistant services.

[18:22] By February, she was able to close her home daycare and focus on her VA business.

[19:26] She decided to niche down to focus on regeneration and engagement..

[23:11] Christina became successful in her niche, and earns a steady income of $10,000 each month.

[23:39] She was able to pay her debts and make a comfortable life for her sons.

[24:25] After her divorce, her confidence was and had anxiety and panic attacks.

[25:04] Motivated by her boys and discovering her inner strength gave her the confidence to pursue her goals.

[26:39] The moment she stopped having the victim mindset, was the time she experienced a shift in her life.

[29:16] Mental freedom and peace of mind weighed down all the negativity.

[34:00] Invest in yourself and take it one step at a time.

[36:27] Commitment will bring success.

[41:08] Accountability drives you to commit and act. 

[44:07] Stop making excuses as to why you can’t do something.

About Christina Wirch

Christine is a lead generation and engagement expert. She helps coaches and online service providers connect with their ideal clients online and help build relationships. She is also a mom of two boys.

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