Hi friends,

Maybe you have already done all your shopping and are enjoying the peace that comes with knowing it is all done. Maybe you are still trying to fit it all in. Maybe you are thinking about what gifts to give this holiday season. I know I started thinking about what to gift this year a while back.  While Amazon has been a great help, I have to admit that this year more than ever, I really felt called to think of gifts that will not accumulate dust on a shelf. I was very inspired to be creative and think about experiences that can leave lasting memories instead. 

In case this also calls your name,  here are a few ideas my team and I came up with. Things we would love to receive ourselves! You don’t need to fully say bye to shopping but you can shop for activities. Some of our ideas cost $0 and we are excited to share them with you.


If you have parents on your gift list, consider giving them a child-free afternoon or a day (if you are feeling very generous). Every parent dreams of having some time for themselves or for the couple. Have a movie day in your home, or a craft afternoon and give the parents that time to do whatever they want. This could potentially cost you nothing and trust me, will feel like the most valuable gift to those parents and those children! It is a win, win gift!

Coffee/tea date:

Gift a girlfriend a special one-on-one moment while sipping on your favourite hot drink or wine! If you are doing this at home, make sure the house is free for your friend(s) only and set up the table Martha Stewart style. Dress up, dress down,  whatever makes you feel happiest, and make the visit feel extra special with small touches throughout the date.

Meals on wheels:

Are you a good cook? Or do you have at least one recipe you master and know is delicious? Put your favorite song on, get inspired to make this recipe with your heart, and surprise one of the people on your list with it. Delivered right to their home. Or, if you want this to be under the tree, make a gift card with a photo of the meal and tell them one of those is being delivered to them soon.

Love letter:

If you are like me and many of your relatives and friends live in another country, let’s make use of the good old days! Grab pen, paper and send your relative a handwritten letter. True, social media keeps us connected and in the know but when was the last time you received a letter from someone you love? I recently received one and it was the highlight of my week. I loved it. The letter can include some loving points like why you are thankful for them being in your life or memories you will always cherish. You can add a photo or something you made that fits in the envelope. Trust me, you and them will love that gift.

Music playlist:

A few months back I was searching for new music. I wanted to hear something different from my regular playlists. I found a couple of new playlists that my friend put together and wholly molly! Seems so simple and insignificant, but the time it saved me was nice and I loved listening to songs I wouldn’t even know to search for.

Tickets to an activity:

I did say not all were free gifts! Recently, when being asked what they should buy for Christmas, all I could think of were activities. Let’s face it, most people in our lives have everything they want. So I have loved the idea of looking for activities that I would love to do with the person I am giving the gift to, or, an activity I think they will enjoy. For example, I gave my niece and nephew a year pass to an activity park! It is the gift that keeps giving, they can go multiple times and I can join them sometimes. I bought my husband tickets to a concert he will love, and just like that, the gift is exciting for them, for me and it will leave us with MEMORIES!!! 


Last but not least, is anyone on your list in need of a little learning? Cooking classes, yoga, or a second language course? I love the idea of giving someone the opportunity to invest in themselves. Sometimes we want to learn something but we don’t want to spend the money on ourselves but would totally do it if someone else would give us a push. If you are looking for a mindset online course, you can check out the ones I offer. I highly recommend Mindfulness for everyday online course or, Anxiety reduction. Both are super helpful.

Alright friends, I leave you to decide and to explore your own creative juices, but I definitely urge you to think of giving gifts that do not collect dust and that create memories instead.